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In the event you might have put petrol in a diesel car or truck in Berkeley we are the guys you really should call. We cater to the entirety of the Berkeley region and all adjoining zones.

Our engineer was called to a filling station in Berkeley when a elderly lady put the wrong fuel in her filthy Seat by putting unleaded in her diesel vehicle. She was in an upset and mixed up state of mind but we quickly eased her mood by informing her that we could be out to her car within the hour to do the fuel-drain and that the vehicle would before long be up and running and she'd be on her way again. As we had stated she was exactly that, but also insisted on stating: "Your company is incredibly service focused, I'm very pleased that my car is okay," and that she would highly recommend us to everybody.

Every day in Berkeley one can find individuals just as you who regrettably have put the wrong type of fuel in their car. If perhaps you are browsing for a rapid and reputable fuel drain specialist to assist you, well then look no further. Our team of SPA licensed mechanics are available 24/7 to assist you at the roadside using the proper gear to do a wrong fuel drain on your car rapidly.

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Wrong Fuel Church Road Postcode - Berkeley Misfuelling

A lady had broken down on a street, Berkeley having just misfueled. She was weeping and fairly troubled as she had put £60 of petrol in her diesel car. When she called us we made an effort to sooth her as well as we could, reassuring her that all would be fine. By the time we reached her she was not annoyed any more and was very fascinated in watching our technician perform the fuel drain on her light blue Honda Ridgeline. Soon after she said: "My car is like my baby, I just paid for it and thus it genuinely freaked me out that I had put a lot of wrong fuel in it. I'm very gratified that it was very easily fixable."

We handle your motor vehicle with our extensive registration and insurance. On top of that, our fuel drainers are fully qualified and professional in working with practically all vehicle models.

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A gentleman rang us from his place on a road in Berkeley. He explained, "My vehicle (a metallic grey Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500) is not running and is creating dreadful noises when I flip the ignition." He said that he put petrol in his diesel car however thought he would fix the issue by putting additional Diesel on top. We showed up quickly, carried out the fuel drain and filled him up once more with fresh Diesel. He told us that he would be absolutely sure to educate people not to fill up over the wrong fuel but to have it drained right away.

You are just a call off from having your wrong fuel dilemma fixed and getting back up and running. Our UK call operators are constantly open, including bank holidays, to reply to your questions and help get you going once more. Call us and request aid or advice.

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Just a few of the more standard facts we pick up from many of our technicians in Berkeley:

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We recently got a phone call about a guy who put the wrong fuel in his rust red Audi in Berkeley. He had come to a stand-still on the street. "After inserting unleaded in my diesel car I didn't notice the dilemma till the time we stopped working. You took the wrong fuel from my car and had it functioning once again. I was amazed by both your speed and your value for money". Naturally we arrived promptly and flushed the engine after flushing all the wrong fuel from the diesel tank. The customer was smiling again by the time we were done and he went off satisfied.

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A lady living in Berkeley called us shortly after she tried to get her wrong fuelled car to work. She had filled petrol in her diesel husband's BMW Alpina B7 and, like countless before her, thought that she would be able to just fill up the vehicle with diesel and it would run fine. The vehicle was spluttering and then it died when she arrived at the the front of her work. We soon started on the fuel drain after she called and got it sorted in an hour or so while she was at the office. She came outside afterwards and thanked us stating, "I'm extremely pleased you repaired my vehicle."

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Wrong Fuel SoS is fully certified and approved to conduct all varieties of fuel drains with respect to the removing of mixed fuel. To discover precisely how we will assist get you on the road again call us.