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If you've put the incorrect fuel in a car and by some means managed to get to your destination or have broken down by the roadside - we can help you out. Our service plan is completely mobile and we are able to come out irrespective of exactly where you are and have the car drained, emptied and running again very quickly - and at a reasonable price!

We have attended a large number of call-outs on motor vehicles with the incorrect fuel in Billericay. One of the most recent was a young lady driving her time-worn BMW 760: "I unfortunately filled petrol in my diesel vehicle and became stranded in the street. Your company sent someone out to me inside of half an hour and the car was working once more very quickly. WrongFuelSOS.com got me up and running once more after just 60 minutes. Amazing service."

Welcome to WrongFuelSoS.com. If perhaps you put the wrong fuel in your car and are anywhere within Billericay, Essex continue reading. WrongFuelSoS.com boasts complete nationwide service for contaminated fuel drainage. And furthermore we are on-duty 24 hours a day. Home, side of the road or service station forecourt assist wherever in Billericay and the United Kingdom, and whenever - day or night.

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Ahhh, that was a great night's sleep! It was 7:30 in the morning on a bright Tuesday and I was on my way to assist an elder lady after she put contaminated fuel in her diesel well-used Cadillac STS-V in Billericay. She told us that she had left the filling station forecourt and was pulled up on a rural lane on the way to visit her family. I got the location punched into the Satnav and was with her inside an hour or so. I got to the location and drained the contaminated fuel from the car. While I was doing it she explained, "I am getting rather forgetful in my senior years and did not remember about the vehicle needing diesel seeing that I had just acquired it a few days back after my former one, which I'd used for over thirty years, inevitably died". I got the job completed and she offered me a peppermint and said thank you. What a delightful Essex lady!

Our side of the road recovery employees are ready round the clock, 7 days a week to offer you roadside support in the removing of contaminated fuel from WHATEVER type of automobile. We've lost count of the total number of customers all over Essex we have had contact us for assistance with incorrect fuel problems.

It does not matter if your vehicle is brand-new or old, we have got the ability, experience AND gear to make certain that your vehicle is drained and flushed of all wrong fuel at once, so that you can continue on with your journey with minimum disruption.

So, in the event that you've filled your petrol car with the wrong fuel, or put the wrong fuel in your diesel motor vehicle somewhere in Essex, speak to us now. Our expert mechanics are completely ready for you.

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I enjoyed a wonderful evening golfing during the weekend and was feeling delighted with myself the next day as I headed out to help a new couple who were vacationing in Billericay. They broken down after putting diesel in their silver Fiat, and the car was close to an hour away. I emerged at their location and smiled to myself while I listened to the woman telling her hubby off for being so silly. "Just how could you possibly be able to put the wrong fuel in the vehicle?" she told him. I attempted to explain that this problem comes to pass constantly in Essex and that it's nothing at all to be concerned about, and yet he in spite of everything had an earful. I felt genuine sympathy for the lad. Anyway, I drained out all of the polluted fuel, flushed the engine and gave it some appropriate fuel. While they drove off I shouted farewell and wondered what her indoors would do to me if I made the very same error... I would personally never live it down!

Therefore, it doesn't matter if you require a wrong fuel drain or only advice on what to do, you should get in touch with us whenever you wish. Our UK-based call-centre is always open, even holidays, to respond to your queries and help get you on the road once again. Demand a wrong fuel drain or support now:

We have technical engineers available in the vicinity completely ready and waiting to come over and drain your vehicle of the incorrect fuel or contaminated fuel. We run 24 hours a day and seven days a week. All of our technicians are completely skilled and knowledgeable in handling all types of vehicles.

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We did a wrong fuel retrieval exercise near a lovely property in Billericay a few weeks ago. "I put the wrong fuel in my diesel car and managed to almost reach home when my car stopped." Our fuel drainer went out, even though it was rather late at night, and performed a fuel drain and cleanse on the modified Chrysler Grand Voyager .

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This was exactly the night shift. It was about 2am and hardly anyone was around. It had been quite quiet until now, and John and I were relaxing looking through a few old papers. This was a rare quiet hour in Essex. Actually it was in fact so quiet that the instant my mobile eventually rang it made me start! The person on the opposite end said: "I've ended my overnight shift and stupidly filled the wrong fuel in my elegant Mercedes SLK55 AMG in error". We told him to inform us where exactly the car was located and we headed out, reaching him in Billericay not as much as an hour or so later. The contaminated fuel was extracted from the motor. He thanked us for getting there so fast. As we were returning home we saw two women on the side of the street who seemed like they suffered a flat. So we pulled up to change it, to their delight.

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Wrong Fuel SoS is fully certified and trained to conduct all varieties of contaminated fuel drains intended for the removal of mixed fuel. To learn about precisely how we will assist get you on the move once again simply contact us.