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Have you put unleaded in a diesel automobile, or diesel in a petrol automobile ( most individuals make the mistake) - we take care of it immediately. Wrong Fuel SoS' experienced technicians are available 24/7. Just call our hotline and someone will come , drain the contaminated fuel and get you swiftly back on the road.

An angry older fellow phoned us when his car refused to start by Gillingham. "In my urgency to get where I was going, I put the wrong fuel in my car. I didn't really realize till the car started to jump and then it ground to a halt right on the road." Fortunately, our fuel technicians are experienced in managing problems just like this, and we shortly had the gentleman once more on the road .

So you have gone and misfuelled your vehicle in Gillingham and are asking yourself the best way to correct the trouble. In the event that you're here looking through this then that indicates you're at least on the correct road. What you need to do now is contact us in order that we can come to drain your car. Why us? Good question. We are widely experienced fuel drain experts in Gillingham, who are at your disposal 24 hours a day to assist you at the roadside.

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A rather concerned customer phoned us from the Shell filling station at Dorset to advise us that he put petrol in to his diesel father's Fiat; he wasn't entirely sure how he'd managed to do it. We explained to him it was absolutely no situation and soon had our fuel drainer out to him to drain the wrong fuel from his tank. Having removed the wrong fuel, he was soon enough back on the road. He told us; "I am really surprised I put the wrong fuel in my car. And the gentleman who arrived to undertake the fuel drain was really excellent - he didn't make me seem like a plonker."

It is becoming a frequent situation, and roadside rescue professionals possess the know-how and gear to handle these kinds of accidents rapidly and competently. Call us TODAY for the perfect misfuel recovery and repair method.

We are fully licenced and covered so you know your vehicle is in reliable hands. Regardless if you are in an age-old jalopy or a new high-end car we can help.

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I had a perfect afternoon hiking during my off day and felt cheerful with myself the following working day as I was en route to assist a young family holidaying in Gillingham. They had stopped after putting the wrong fuel into their faithful Peugeot 307, and they were about an hour's travel away. I arrived at their car and smirked to myself while I heard to the lady telling her man off for turning out to be so daft. "How could you possibly find a way to fill up by using the wrong fuel?" she demanded of him. I wanted to clarify that this kind of thing takes place on daily basis in Dorset and that it's nothing to get worried about, however he all the same had his ear bent. Unlucky lad. Anyway, I extracted all the wrong fuel, gave the engine a flush and gave it some appropriate fuel. Watching them drive away I mouthed farewell and pondered on what my missus would say to me if ever I made the very same mistake... I'd personally never ever hear the end of it!

You are simply a telephone call away from getting your misfueling crisis remedied and getting back on your way. We are looking forward to your call to provide you tips and our technical support to get you rolling again. Contact us today:

All of our technicians are trained on the newest cars and trucks and their fuel systems. We attend well over 6 thousand fuel drains yearly in the United Kingdom (yes, there are that many individuals who do the same thing - you are not the only person). Our phone lines are open twenty four hours a day and 7 days a week. Our technical engineers are available any time you want them.

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We completed a wrong fuel retrieval exercise outside a beautiful residence in Gillingham a few weeks ago. "I had put unleaded in my diesel car and was able to almost arrive at home when my car broke down." Our fuel drainer went out, regardless that it was quite late at night, and did a thorough fuel drain and cleanse on the son's Audi Cabriolet to everyone's satisfaction.

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A woman driving in Gillingham called us as soon as she managed to get her wrong fuelled car to work. She had filled the wrong fuel in her diesel gorgeous Mazda323 and, like many before her, thought that she would be able to basically fill the car with diesel and it would be fine. The engine was spluttering and then it cut out when she reached the the front of her office. We immediately went to work on the fuel drain following her call and got it repaired inside one hour whilst she was at the office. She came outside afterwards and thanked us stating, "I'm extremely relieved you repaired my car."

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Wrong Fuel SoS is fully accredited and trained to fulfill all forms fuel drains with regard to the removal of mixed fuel. To learn precisely how we will assist to get you moving once again simply give us a call.