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Wrong fuel in a diesel vehicle? Even when the vehicle has been driven we are able to correct the problem and perform a comprehensive drain and cleanse - in 99% of cases this should have your vehicle running properly again immediately. We come to you. We are completely mobile and carry all the apparatus necessary. We have specialised fuel evacuation devices on board and are experienced in all types of vehicles.

It was before 10 pm on a Friday and despite the fact that we were promised a rainless evening, it had not ceased raining! Ray and I were sitting there going over the recent golf results, ready for the next job of the day to come in. Finally we got a call from a girl on a company excursion who had pulled into the Sainsburys petrol garage in High Wycombe and put petrol in a diesel bright red Mercedes-Benz R-Class hire car in error. She was somewhat agitated by the sounds of it, crying "I simply can't believe I have destroyed the vehicle! I am so accustomed to filling my petrol car I totally did not remember I was using a diesel!" We advised her to take it easy and not to be concerned, also that these things unfortunately do happen. She managed to maneuver the car into a protected space and, because it was just a few miles away from where we were, we could arrive at the customer quickly. The contaminated fuel was cleaned up and removed and she was able to once again go back to the Travelodge she was staying at. Although we got thoroughly wet, it was all worthwhile to see her drive away contented and a lot less apprehensive. One more job in Buckinghamshire well done in my opinion!

Contaminated fuel in your car and having difficulty in High Wycombe? We are able to assist you when necessary with both specialised advice and servicing. Through a 24 hours a day wrong fuel drainage service running the length and width of the UK WrongFuelSoS.com is able to cater to your circumstances. It doesn't matter where you are in High Wycombe or the UK we are able to come to you to help repair the automobile.

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Wrong Fuel Manchester Road Postcode - High Wycombe Misfuelling

A woman had conked out on a street, High Wycombe having just wrong fuelled. She was sobbing and fairly agitated as she had put £40 of petrol in her diesel car. As she called us we attempted to calm her as best we could, encouraging her that everything would be no problem. By the time we reached her she was not aggrieved any more and was very interested in observing our technician perform the fuel drain on her friend's Seat Ibiza. Soon after she said: "My car is akin to my baby, I only just bought it so it especially horrified me that I had put such a large amount of wrong fuel in it. I'm so pleased that it was very easily fixable."

Not just that, but our workforce of misfuel professionals deal with the entirity of Buckinghamshire, so this means that your location is in our neighbourhood. The moment we've discovered exactly where you are , we will endeavour to arrive at your place as quickly as we can and retrieve any wrong fuel from your car. The simple truth is the sooner you clear away all that contaminated fuel from your motor, the less damage is inflicted. So pick up your phone and dial our number. A team of SPA skilled mechanics are prepared and primed to help, irrespective of what day or time it happens to be.

We take care of your automobile through our complete licencing and insurance. Moreover, our experts are completely proficient and professional in handling just about all car models.

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A week ago a youngster called us because his mint green Volkswagen Fox broke down in the middle of a street in High Wycombe. He had by mistake put unleaded in his diesel car and was only able to drive as far as the street before having to stop. It was still in the early hours of the day and our technical engineer, who resides nearby, got to him in less than 20 minutes. We managed to get rid of the incorrect fuel and put fresh diesel yet again into the car. "Genuine thanks to you for your prompt response, particularly at 4 a.m., I truly appreciate it."

With 100's of years of joint contaminated fuel removal experience you could not be in better hands. Our wrong fuel specialists have witnessed a great deal and accomplished it all. They are properly trained on the most recent automobiles and maintain all applicable certificates. The company is completely V.A.T. authorised and insured so you are aware we are no cowboy or “fly-by-night” venture.

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We got a call from a individual whose worn-out BMW Z4 had ground to a halt on a street after a misfuel. "I got the pumps confused and put the wrong fuel in my car in error. These guys arrived and resolved the issue after my car died." We purged the unleaded from the diesel tank and flushed the engine completely afterwards and the gentleman was able to continue on with his deliveries.

Wrong Fuel Doctor High Wycombe - Fuel Rescue High Wycombe

A driver who had unluckily put the wrong fuel in his diesel rust red Suzuki Grand Vitara contacted us for a fuel drain at the Tesco filling station in High Wycombe. He thought it would be good to top up before proceeding on to the local recreation park . "I put unleaded rather than diesel which unfortunately wasn't a good beginning to our holiday break." It was absolutely no hassle in any way for our technician to go out and perform the fuel drain. We hope everyone had a good holiday.

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Wrong Fuel SoS is fully qualified and registered to execute all forms of fuel drains pertaining to the extraction of contaminated fuel. To learn how we can help to get you moving once again merely call us.