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Have you put petrol in your diesel vehicle, or even diesel in a petrol vehicle (and incredibly many people make the mistake sometime) - we deal with it on the spot. Wrong Fuel SoS' professional technicians are available 24/7. Just call up our rapid response number and they will come out, drain the wrong fuel and get you quickly back on your journey.

It was after 6 pm on a Wednesday and despite the fact that we were guaranteed a dry and fresh night, it hadn't ceased raining! Ryan and I were seated commenting on the recent sports results, prepared for the sixth call that day to arrive. Inevitably we received a call from a lovely women on a company expedition who had arrived at the Tesco filling garage in Slough and put the wrong fuel in a diesel customised Mercedes Sprinter lease car in error. She was rather troubled apparently, crying "I cannot believe I've messed up the car! I am so familiar with filling my petrol vehicle that I had did not remember that I was driving a diesel!" I just told her to relax and not to worry, and that these things sadly often happen. She had managed to get the vehicle into a safe position and, since it was just a short distance from us, we were able to get to her rather quickly. The wrong fuel was extracted so she was able to get back to the Premier Inn she was living in. Even though we got pretty wet, it was all worth the effort seeing her drive home calm and a lot less anxious. Yet another job in Berkshire well done in my opinion!

Thank you for visiting WrongFuelSoS.com. If you've contaminated fuel in your automobile and are located within Slough, Berkshire keep reading. Boasting a 24/7 mobile incorrect fuel drain service running the length and width of the United Kingdom WrongFuelSoS.com is able to accommodate your circumstances. Home, roadside or filling station forecourt help at any place in Slough and the UK, and whenever - day or night.

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A motorist had conked out on a road, Slough having just put the wrong fuel in her car. She was in tears and quite distressed as she had put £42 petrol in her diesel car. When she called us we attempted to sooth her as well as we could, encouraging her that all would be alright. When we got to her she was not annoyed any more and was really intrigued in taking a look at our technician carry out the fuel drain on her worse for wear Volkswagen Beetle. Later on she said: "My car is like my child, I only just paid for it and so it genuinely worried me that I had put a whole lot of wrong fuel in it. I'm so pleased that it was easily repairable."

It's becoming a widespread situation, and side of the road rescue crew possess the knowledge and gear to fix these types of mishaps swiftly and efficiently. Get in touch with us RIGHT AWAY for the most effective contaminated fuel in vehicle recovery and maintenance solution.

We maintain full Environment Agency compliance and full Public Liability Insurance for your own reassurance. Furthermore, our technicians are completely proficient and experienced in working with all car models.

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The other day a gentleman telephoned us after his light green Audi Quattro stopped in the middle of a road in Slough. He had unintentionally put unleaded in the diesel motor and drove so far as the road before having to give up. It was still early in the morning and our technical engineer, who lives nearby, got to him in less than ten minutes. We were able to get rid of the wrong fuel and put fresh diesel back in the car. "Sincere thanks to you for your fast response, particularly at 4 a.m., I truly am grateful for it."

You are simply a call away from having your "petrol in diesel" crisis resolved and getting back once again on the road. We are looking ahead to your phone call to give you help and our support to get your vehicle going once again. Call immediately:

All of our experts are trained on the most up-to-date cars and trucks and their fuel systems. We participate in well over 5,000 wrong fuel removals yearly in the UK (sure, there are that many people today who err - you are definitely not by yourself). Our lines are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our technicians are available anytime you need to have them.

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We did a wrong fuel removal exercise near a spectacular residential home in Slough recently. "I put petrol in my diesel car and was able to almost reach home when my car stopped." Our fuel drainer went out, even though it was fairly late at night, and completed a thorough fuel drain and purge on the aunt's VW Touareg .

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A gentleman who had sadly put the wrong fuel in his diesel metallic red Lexus IS contacted us for assistance at the BP filling station in Slough. He decided to fill up before going on to the local holiday park but had put the wrong fuel in his car. "I put unleaded rather than diesel and it wasn't a wonderful way to begin to our holiday." It was really no problem whatsoever for our fuel drainer to go and carry out the fuel drain. We hope they enjoyed their holiday.

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Wrong Fuel SoS is fully authorised and skilled to carry out all forms of wrong fuel drains with regard to the removal of contaminated fuel. To discover precisely how we will help get you on the move once again call us.