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If you have unleaded in the diesel car or truck, or diesel in your petrol automobile (and remarkably many individuals do this at least once at some time) - we deal with it right away. Wrong Fuel SoS' skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day. Simply call up our hotline and one will come to you, flush the wrong fuel and get you quickly back on the road.

Our engineer was called out to a filling station in St Blaise when a lady put the wrong fuel in her old Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG by putting petrol in her diesel car. She was in an annoyed and confused mind-set but we soon calmed her nerves by letting her know that we could be with her vehicle in the hour to perform the drain and that the car would shortly be ready to go and she would be away again. As we'd promised she was exactly that, but not before declaring: "Your company is extremely service oriented, I'm very pleased that my car is working," and that she would recommend us to everybody.

On a regular basis in St Blaise there are customers just like yourself who have put the wrong kind of fuel in their car. If perhaps you are browsing for a rapid and reputable fuel drain expert to aid you, then search no further. Our team of SPA accredited technicians are accessible 24/7 to assist you at the side of the road with the right technology to do a wrong fuel drain on your car swiftly.

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Wrong Fuel Albert Road Postcode - St Blaise Misfuelling

Ahhh, that was a great night of uninterrupted sleep! It was 7:00 in the morning on a warm Saturday and I was on my way to assist an old sweetheart who had put petrol in her diesel Ferarri red Cadillac DTS in St Blaise. I had been advised she had left the petrol station forecourt and was stranded along a country road along the way to visit her grandchildren. I got the location punched straight into the TomTom and got there within an hour or so. I reached the location and drained the contaminated fuel in the car car. As I was doing the drain she told me, "I'm getting rather absent-minded in my old age and did not remember about the vehicle using diesel because I'd just bought it several days ago when my other one, which I had used for in excess of 25 years, inevitably died". I got the drain completed and she offered me a toffee and thanked me for my efforts. What a pleasant Cornwall lady!

Misfuelling your car doesn't have to be costly . We are able to provide you the most suitable price for the undertaking and, simply because we are countrywide, we can reach you rapidly in the event that you have filled up with incorrect fuel in Cornwall, as we have a technician nearby! Consequently, in case you find yourself stranded at a petrol station forecourt, or have driven off with contaminated fuel in your motor, contact us right now. You can expect to soon be ready to proceed with your travels without any serious injury to your car or bank.

No matter if your automobile is modern or old, we possess the skills, expertise AND tools to make sure that your car is cleared out and purged of all the contaminated fuel as quickly as possible, which means that you have the ability to proceed with your passage with the bare minimum interruption.

We hold comprehensive Environment Agency registration and Liability insurance for your own security. We have the capacity to handle virtually all automobile kinds regardless of if they have been driven on contaminated fuel or just misfueled.

Wrong Fuel Assist St Blaise - Wrong Fuel in Car St Blaise

I enjoyed a fantastic evening cycling during the weekend and felt delighted with myself the next working day as I was on the way to help a young family vacationing in St Blaise. They'd pulled over after putting petrol into their pristine Renault Traffic, and the car was roughly an hour away. I got there at their position and laughed while I listened to the girl berating her man for being so confused. "Precisely how could you even be able to put the wrong fuel in the vehicle?" she asked him. I tried to clarify that this kind of thing takes place regularly in Cornwall and that it's absolutely nothing to stress about, however he all the same got his ear bent by his better half. Unfortunate boy. At any rate, I cleaned up and removed the wrong fuel, flushed the motor and gave them some appropriate fuel. As they drove away I mouthed good bye and considered what her indoors would ask me if perhaps I did the very same thing... I'd never hear the end of it!

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On the next paragraphs are examples and illustrations of wrong fuel removal we have performed in St Blaise:

Wrong Fuel St Blaise - Petrol in Diesel Car St Blaise

We got a telephone call from a gentleman whose compact Saab had broken down on a road after a misfuel. "I got the pumps confused and put petrol instead of diesel in my car by mistake. These guys arrived and fixed the issue right after my vehicle gave up." We purged the petrol from the diesel tank and flushed the fuel lines thoroughly afterwards and the customer could proceed with his sheduled delivery.

Wrong Fuel Doctor St Blaise - Fuel Rescue St Blaise

A young lady from St Blaise with her little ones in her diesel raspberry red Lexus IS had filled her car with £20 of petrol at the filling station. She phoned us weeping and extremely upset as she had never put petrol in a diesel car and did not know what might happen to her car . We told her that the car would be alright and that she would be ready to go very quickly. When we arrived on scene she was visible distressed but while our engineer got to work on the fuel drain she calmed down since she recognised that help was at hand and her vehicle wasn't ruined. She soon cheered up and was on her way saying, "I simply can't believe my misfortune putting petrol in my diesel vehicle! Specifically with the youngsters on board."

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