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If you've put the incorrect fuel in your car in Stanhope we are the company you need to get in touch with. We assist the whole of the Stanhope vicinity and all adjoining counties.

It was after 10 pm on a Monday and although we were assured a dry and fresh night, it hadn't ceased pouring! Ray and I were resting there talking over the recent golf, waiting around for the 8th call of the day to arrive. Inevitably we got a phone call from a young lady on a business trip who had arrived at the Texaco filling garage in Stanhope and put the wrong fuel in a diesel white Land Rover Defender lease car by mistake. The poor lady was rather troubled apparently, telling me "I can't believe that I've destroyed the vehicle! I'm just so familiar with filling my petrol vehicle that I completely forgot that I was operating a diesel!" We asked her to take it easy and not to be concerned, plus that these things sadly happen. She had managed to get the vehicle to a secure spot and, seeing that it was only a short distance away from where we were, we were able to arrive at the woman right away. The wrong fuel was drained so she was able to return to the hotel she was living at. Even though we got thoroughly wet, it was all worthwhile to see her drive away relaxed and not so anxious. Yet another fuel drain in Durham done well in my opinion!

Contaminated fuel in your vehicle and having difficulty in Stanhope? We can help you hour of need with both specialised advice and assistance. WrongFuelSoS.com has two key catchwords: National and Twenty-four hours a day. And we stick to them thoroughly. Residence, roadside or service station support wherever in Stanhope and the United Kingdom, and at any hour .

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The driver of a spotless Audi S6 was regretfull that he put petrol in his diesel automobile when he got onto the road and it spluttered and broke down. "I've gone and put unleaded in my diesel vehicle," is what he shared with us the first time he rang. In all honesty, when he first telephoned us he said he wanted to check around, but he called us back shortly because our pricing and call-out times were the best. Obviously, our engineer had him carrying out his deliveries well within the time period we had quoted.

Misfuelling your vehicle should not need to be pricey . We will give you the most suitable quote for the undertaking and, due to the fact we are all over the country, we can be with you quickly if it turns out you have tanked up with incorrect fuel in Durham, seeing that we have a technician in close proximity! Hence, in case you happen to be broken down at a petrol station , or have driven a while with polluted fuel sitting in your motor, contact us immediately. You are likely to very quickly be able to proceed with your drive devoid of any sort of major injury to your vehicle or finances.

And so, in the event that you have filled your petrol car with the wrong fuel, or the wrong fuel in your diesel vehicle just about anywhere in Durham, call us immediately. Our professional mechanics are all set and waiting for your call.

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I'd had a fantastic day golfing on my off day and felt cheerful the following working day as I was en route to assist a new couple who were holidaying in Stanhope. They had broken down after putting petrol into their sky blue VW Touareg, and the car was roughly half an hour's travel away. I turned up at their car and smiled to myself while I listened to the wife telling her spouse off for actually being so daft. "Exactly how could you conceivably find a way to fill the car up by using the wrong fuel?" she demanded of him. I tried to explain that this problem goes on everyday in Durham and that it is absolutely nothing to stress about, and yet he still got an ear bashing by his missus. I felt genuine sympathy for the guy. At any rate, I extracted the polluted fuel, gave the engine a flush and gave them some correct fuel. Watching while they drove away I shouted hasta la vista and wondered what her indoors would ask me in the event that I did the very same thing... I would personally never ever live it down!

With generations of total wrong fuel removal practical experience you could not be better served. Our wrong fuel specialists have experienced it all and done a great deal. They are competent on the latest cars and hold all applicable certificates. The company is properly V.A.T. licensed and covered with insurance so you realize we are no amateur or “fly-by-night” venture.

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Just picture being stuck in a automobile running on the wrong fuel halfway down the street. One of our last customers who filled her diesel car with petrol (spick and span BMW 745) in Stanhope had precisely that type of headache: "Obviously I incorrectly put the wrong fuel in my car a few days ago. I was so stressed about my mistake that I was in tears. Fortunately I needn't have worried seeing as you were brilliant in sorting the problem out."

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A woman from Stanhope with her youngsters in her diesel friend's BMW X6 M had filled her car with £30 of petrol at the BP filling station. She contacted us weeping and extremely worried as she had never filled up with the wrong fuel previously and did not know what might happen to her vehicle in doing so. We told her that the car would be fine and that she would be ready to go in no time at all. When we got there she was visible distressed but while our technician began work on the fuel drain she simmered down because she noticed that help was at hand and her vehicle wasn't ruined. She soon enough cheered up and was on the road again saying, "I really can't believe my bad luck putting petrol in my diesel car! Specifically with the kids on board."

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