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It was about six pm on a Friday and even though we were guaranteed a rainless afternoon, it hadn't stopped pouring! Dan and me were seated talking over the recent golf results, waiting around for the seventh job of the day to arrive. Inevitably we got a phone call from a young lady on a company excursion who had pulled into the BP filling garage in Witham and put the wrong fuel in a diesel shiny Cadillac DTS lease car by mistake. She was somewhat agitated apparently, saying "I still cannot believe I've destroyed the car! I am just so accustomed to filling up my petrol vehicle that I had didn't remember that I was using a diesel!" I advised her to take it easy and not to be concerned, plus that such things regrettably do happen. She managed to get the vehicle to a secure area and, since it was just a few minutes off from our van, we could arrive at the lady rather quickly. The contaminated fuel was extracted so she was able to go home to the motel she was residing at. Despite the fact we got really soaked, it was all worth the effort to see her drive home relaxed and less anxious. Another fuel drain in Essex well done in my books!

If you've put the incorrect fuel in your car in Witham (petrol in diesel Witham) we are the company you need to get in touch with. We cover the entirety of the Witham region and all surrounding counties.

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Wrong Fuel Manor Road Postcode - Witham Misfuelling

What a quality night's sleep! It was 7:00 on a gloomy Sunday and I was on the way to assist an old lovely lady who had put petrol in her diesel new-shape Cadillac Escalade EXT in Witham. I had been informed she had left the petrol station and was stranded on a backwater lane along the way to pay a visit to her family. I punched the location straight into the Satnav and was on-scene inside an hour. I turned up at the vehicle and removed the contaminated fuel from the vehicle. While I was working she told me, "I have been becoming relatively absent-minded in my senior years and did not remember about the car needing diesel as I had just got it a week back after my previous car, which I had owned for about twenty five years, eventually stopped working". I completed the job and she offered me a toffee and thanked me for my work. What a lovely Essex lady!

It matters not if your automobile is brand new or aged, we have the capabilities, know-how AND equipment to make certain that your car is cleared out and purged of all the contaminated fuel at once, so you have the ability to continue on with your passage with nominal interruption.

We have comprehensive Environment Agency licencing and Public Liability Insurance intended for your assurance. Because of in excess of one hundred and fifty years of joint fuel removal practical experience we know the correct way to get the task completed - no problem.

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A customer phoned us from his home on a close in Witham. He said, "My car (a mint green Subaru Outback Sport) is not starting up and is creating dreadful sounds when I turn the key." He admitted that he put the wrong fuel in his diesel car however believed he would remedy the problem by putting additional Diesel on top. We were on scene quickly, performed the drain and filled him up once again with clean Diesel. He told us he'd be certain to educate people not to fill up in addition to the wrong fuel but to have it drained right away.

It does not matter if it is wrong fuel or contaminated fuel we are able to help to resolve it. Our experts are waiting to provide answers to any inquiries and have a specialist on-scene with you in a flash to correct your car. Make the enquiry today.

All of our technicians are skilled on the most current cars and trucks and their fuel systems. We go to well over 7 thousand fuel drains on a yearly basis in the United Kingdom (yes, there are that many individuals who err - you aren't by yourself). Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our technicians are on duty anytime you require them.

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What follows are opinions and examples of fuel drains completed in Witham:

Wrong Fuel Witham - Petrol in Diesel Car Witham

We carried out a wrong fuel removal job outside a spectacular house in Witham a few weeks ago. "I put unleaded in my diesel car and managed to very nearly get home when my car quit." Our technician went out, despite the fact that it was fairly late at night, and completed a thorough fuel drain and cleanse on the gorgeous Audi A8 .

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A motorist who had unfortunately put unleaded in his diesel metallic blue VW Jetta III contacted us for help at the Tesco filling station in Witham. He decided to top up before going on to the local caravan park but had put the wrong fuel in his car. "I put petrol as opposed to diesel which probably wasn't a good way to start to our getaway." It was no challenge whatsoever for our fuel drainer to go and carry out the fuel drain. We hope they enjoyed their getaway.

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