Wrong Fuel Drain in Dinnington St John's, South Yorkshire

Petrol in a Diesel Car? Wrong Fuel in Car?

Wrong fuel in your car or bike in Dinnington St John's? Welcome to Wrong Fuel SOS. Call us and find out how we can assist you to get you up and running rapidly.

With hundreds of years of shared wrong fuel removal experience you could not be better served. Our agents have observed everything and corrected it all. They are experienced on the newest types and possess all applicable certificates. The company is fully V.A.T. licensed and covered by insurance so you know we are no amateur or “mickey mouse" enterprise.

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Recent Fuel Drains in Dinnington St John's

What follows are feedback and examples of fuel drains we have done in Dinnington St John's:

Wrong Fuel Dinnington St John's - Petrol in Diesel Dinnington St John's

Wrong Fuel SOS has done countless fuel drains on motor vehicles run with the incorrect fuel in Dinnington St John's. One of the most recent was a lady driving her grandad's cobalt blue Jaguar XJ Series: “I added the incorrect fuel in my diesel automobile and got stuck on West Street. Wrong Fuel SOS had one of your technicians to me within around 30 minutes and the car was working again right away. Thank you so much."

Wrong Fuel Dinnington St John's - Petrol in Diesel Dinnington St John's

A somewhat alarmed customer called us from the Total filling station at South Yorkshire to advise us that he put unleaded in to his diesel new Range Rover Evoque; he wasn't really quite certain how he'd done it. We assured him it was no problem and before long had our fuel drainer out to him to clean the contaminated fuel from his vehicle. Having extracted the bad fuel, he was subsequently back driving. He told us; “I can't believe I filled my car with the wrong fuel. And the chap who arrived to do the fuel drain was very fantastic - he didn't make me look silly."

Wrong Fuel Dinnington St John's - Petrol in Diesel Dinnington St John's

A person phoned us from his creamy white Skoda Octavia where he had conked out on the busy West Street. “I incorrectly put the wrong fuel in my diesel car and I shortly discovered all about it several miles along the road!" Happily we were able to get out to him in a reasonably quick time, bearing in mind the fact it was rush-hour, and he was before long back on the road.

Wrong Fuel Dinnington St John's - Petrol in Diesel Dinnington St John's

We did a wrong fuel retrieval job outside a spectacular residential home in Dinnington St John's not so long ago. “I had put unleaded in my diesel car and was able to almost get home when my car broke down." Our technician went out, despite the fact that it was rather late at night, and completed a thorough fuel drain and cleanse on the car .

Wrong Fuel Dinnington St John's - Petrol in Diesel Dinnington St John's

We were phoned by a man whose light blue Daihatsu Charade had broken down on West Street because he put the wrong fuel in it. “I confused the pumps and put the wrong fuel in my car in error. Wrong Fuel SOS arrived and resolved the problem when my car gave up." We purged the petrol from the diesel tank and flushed the fuel lines completely afterwards and the driver could then continue on with his deliveries.

Fuel Draining a Renault Scenic


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