Wrong Fuel Drain in Portslade-by-Sea, East Sussex

Petrol in a Diesel Car? Wrong Fuel in Car?

If you have petrol in a diesel car, or diesel in a petrol car (and shockingly the majority of people do the same at some point) - we take care of it immediately. Wrong Fuel SOS' professional engineers are on call 24/7. Simply call our emergency number and someone will come out, flush the contaminated fuel and get you rapidly back on your way.

We provide you with fresh fuel at petrol station rates, and we will in most cases have your car fixed and all set to set off in under an hour. All contaminated fuel is disposed of by us by way of a certified waste company and recycled. No matter where you are located in the United Kingdom, Wrong Fuel SOS will be able to get a technician out to you to do a complete fuel drain on your automobile.

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Fuel Drain in Portslade-by-Sea
Audi TT 2014

Recent Fuel Drains in Portslade-by-Sea

On the next paragraphs are feedback and instances of wrong fuel removal we have completed in Portslade-by-Sea:

Wrong Fuel Portslade-by-Sea - Petrol in Diesel Portslade-by-Sea

Wrong Fuel SOS's done a lot of fuel drains on cars or trucks contaminated with the wrong fuel in Portslade-by-Sea. The latest was a businesswoman with her mother's 1st PART OF green Cadillac Escalade ESV BMW 6 Series: "I foolishly poured petrol in my diesel car and got stuck in the middle of the road. Your company sent someone to me within just around 30 minutes and the car was back on the road once more before you know it. Thanks a mil."

Wrong Fuel Portslade-by-Sea - Petrol in Diesel Portslade-by-Sea

A man who had unluckily put unleaded in his diesel apricot Volkswagen Jetta III called us for assistance at the Texaco petrol station in Portslade-by-Sea. He decided to top up before continuing on to the local recreation park but had put the wrong fuel in his car. "I put unleaded rather than diesel and it wasn't a smart beginning to our getaway." It was no trouble in any way for our technician to go and carry out the fuel drain. We hope they had a good holiday.

Wrong Fuel Portslade-by-Sea - Petrol in Diesel Portslade-by-Sea

A while back a customer phoned us after his work's Audi A3 broke down on the road in Portslade-by-Sea. He had put unleaded in his diesel car and was only able to drive so far as the road before having to halt. It was still early in the day and our technician, who lives close by, was with him in approximately fifteen minutes. We were able to get rid of the incorrect fuel and put fresh diesel back in to the vehicle. "Genuine kudos to you for your prompt response, particularly at 3 a.m., I really appreciate it."

Wrong Fuel Portslade-by-Sea - Petrol in Diesel Portslade-by-Sea

An aggrieved older individual telephoned us when his automobile wouldn't start on the road. "In my urgency to get to my destination, I put the wrong fuel in my car. I didn't really realize till the car began to shudder and then it stalled right on the road." Happily, our fuel drainers are expert in managing problems like this, and we shortly had the gentleman back on the road again.

Wrong Fuel Portslade-by-Sea - Petrol in Diesel Portslade-by-Sea

We got a call from a man whose luxury Audi RS 4 had conked out on the road after a misfuel. "I got the pumps confused and put petrol instead of diesel in my vehicle . You guys came out and resolved the matter when my vehicle gave up." We drained the petrol from the diesel tank and flushed the fuel system completely afterwards and the gentleman could then continue on with his deliveries.

Fuel Drain Volvo S80

    wrong fuel Portslade-by-Sea

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Wrong Fuel SOS is fully accredited and certified to carry out all types of fuel drains for the removal of contaminated fuel. To find out how we can help get you going again just give us a call.