New Filling Station Labels

Filling Up in Europe

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Fuel pump names and symbols are changing across Europe

In order to help consumers select the appropriate fuel for their vehicles throughout Europe, the European Union has agreed new labelling requirements for newly produced vehicles and fuel filling stations. As of October 2018, a new unique and harmonised set of fuel labels will appear across Europe.

This label will be placed:

  • On newly-produced vehicles, in the immediate proximity of the fuel filler flap/cap;
  • In the vehicle owner’s manual. In the case of newer vehicles, they may also appear in the electronic handbook available via a vehicle’s infotainment centre;
  • At all public refuelling stations on the fuel-dispensing unit and on the filler nozzle of the fuel dispenser;
  • At vehicle dealerships.
Filling Up in Europe

The new labels will be deployed in all 28 European Union member states, EEA countries (Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway), and also Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey.

The fuel filler neck of a petrol vehicle is deliberately smaller than the nozzle of a diesel pump. Although this helps to prevent customers putting diesel in a petrol vehicle, it is still possible for a customer to inadvertently put petrol in a diesel vehicle despite the labels marked ‘Diesel’ around the diesel filler flap/cap.

Customers are responsible for filling their vehicles with the correct fuel (petrol or diesel).

This communication does not address those occasions when a customer may inadvertently put petrol in their diesel vehicle. The new labels and this communication inform customers on the suitability of a certain fuel for use in their vehicle.

So, what about these new labels?

There are specific label designs for petrol – type fuels, diesel-type fuels, and gaseous-type fuels (e.g. CNG, LNG, LPG and hydrogen):


The shape for a petrol- type fuel is a circle ("E"stands for specific bio-components present in petrol).


The shape for a diesel-type fuel is a square ("B" stands for specific biodiesel components present in diesel, the XTL stands for synthetic diesel and indicates it is not derived from crude oil).


The shape for a gaseous-type fuel is diamond.

New Filling Station Labels Source: Fuel-Identifiers Europe