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If you've put the wrong fuel in your car or truck and somehow managed to get where you were going or have broken down on the road - we can easily help. Our assistance is entirely mobile and we are able to come out irrespective of wherever you are and have the automobile drained, cleansed and running again in no time - and for a cost-effective price!

It was just after ten pm on a Saturday and while we were assured a dry day, it hadn't given up on pouring down rain! Brian and I were resting discussing the weekend's golf results, waiting around for the 6th job for the day to arrive. Eventually we had a call from a lady on a business expedition who had gone to the Texaco filling garage in Alperton and filled petrol in a diesel sombre grey Toyota Sequoia rental car in error. She was quite affected apparently, crying "I simply cannot believe I've destroyed the car! I am just so used to filling up my petrol car that I had forgot I was operating a diesel!" I instructed her to settle back and not to worry, and that such things unfortunately do happen. She was able to maneuver the vehicle to a protected spot and, seeing that it was only a short distance off from where we were, we could find the woman quickly. The wrong fuel was taken out so she could get back to the motel she was staying in. Although we got fairly drenched, it was all rewarding to see her drive off satisfied and much less anxious. One more fuel drain in Brent done well in my books!

Put unleadede in your diesel in Alperton? We're sad to learn about that, however we are here to help you. WrongFuelSoS.com has full countrywide service for contaminated fuel removal. And furthermore we are available 24/7. You can rely on us to be available for your assistance as soon as you phone us, and irrespective of wherever you are in Alperton or even the United Kingdom.

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What a quality night of uninterrupted sleep! It was 7:30 on a warm Saturday and we were off to assist an old sweetheart after she put contaminated fuel in her diesel dilapidated VW Jetta in Alperton. I'd been told she had left the petrol station forecourt and was stranded in a backwater lane en route to visit her family. I got the location punched straight into the Satnav and was with her within an hour or so. I got to the location and drained the contaminated fuel from the car. Whilst I was working she explained, "Now I'm becoming rather absent-minded in my senior years and forgot about the car working with diesel since I'd just acquired it a week back after my former car, which I'd used for about 25 years, finally died". I got the drain done and she offered me a peppermint and said thanks. What a precious Brent lady!

It's becoming a well-known dilemma, and roadside assistance team already have the knowledge and tools to overcome these kinds of accidents quickly and properly. Get in touch with us NOW for the most reliable misfuel rescue and repair solution.

We hold complete Environment Agency registration and full Public Liability Insurance for your own personal security. We are able to cope with all car or truck types no matter whether they have been started on contaminated fuel or just misfueled.

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A man had conked out just off a road in Alperton. His mustard yellow Toyota Corolla car had stopped working and he had no clue what was faulty right up until he realised he had put petrol in his diesel car. He phoned us to get a fuel drain and it was then when he informed us: "I can not believe that I didn't know that I put the wrong fuel in my car." He stated that he had got virtually no rest the night before and that must have been the key reason why.

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A teenager who had only recently got his licence had misfueled his faithful Volvo C30 by having unleaded in the diesel at the filling station close to Alperton. He said, "This is just the second occasion I have fuelled my vehicle from the time when I paid for it and I have no idea of how to handle it." He was afraid since his dad had just recently paid for the car. He discovered our company on the internet and so called us instantly, frightened about what he should do. Our guy on the telephones informed him that we would be there within 45 minutes and to not touch his car while waiting. We finished the drain on his car and he mentioned how surprised he was that it was dealt with so speedily and no complication whatsoever.

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A driver who had put the wrong fuel in his diesel faithful Volkswagen Scirocco called us for a fuel drain at the Texaco filling station in Alperton. He had decided to top up before going on to the nearby recreation park . "I put petrol as opposed to diesel which unfortunately wasn't a wonderful way to begin to our holiday break." It was really no hassle at all for our technical engineer to go out and carry out the fuel drain. We hope the family had a good getaway.

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Wrong Fuel SoS is fully accredited and skilled to conduct all categories of wrong fuel drains pertaining to the extraction of contaminated fuel. To learn about how we can help to get you moving once again call us.