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If perhaps you've unfortunately put the completely wrong fuel in your car and now need to have the fuel removed you are likely trawling the net hoping for a swift, trusted, proficient and budget-friendly fuel drain service in Bankside or Southwark. So, we are the specialists to help you!

We have had a large number of wrong fuel corrections on motor vehicles filled up with the incorrect fuel in Bankside. The most recent was a businesswoman in her classic BMW 325: "I stupidly filled the incorrect fuel in my vehicle and was broken down in the middle of the road. You had one of your technicians to me in around 30 minutes and the car was working once more almost immediately. You had me back on the road again in 60 minutes. Amazing service."

If you've put the incorrect fuel in your car and so need to have a fuel drain you are in all likelihood scanning the net hoping for a rapid, reputable, competent and reasonably priced fuel drain company in Bankside or Southwark. We are the people for your needs!

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A relatively concerned driver phoned us from the Total filling station at Southwark to tell us that he had put unleaded into his diesel apple green Volkswagen GLI; he wasn't exactly certain how he'd done it. We informed him it was absolutely no worry and soon enough had our specialist out to him to clean the contaminated fuel from his tank. Having removed the incorrect fuel, he was shortly back behind the wheel. He told us; "I can't believe I filled my car with the wrong fuel. And the guy who arrived to carry out the fuel drain was genuinely very good - he did not make me feel ridiculous."

Therefore, if you've filled your petrol automobile with the wrong fuel, or put petrol in your diesel car just about anywhere in Southwark, contact us immediately. Our experienced technicians are ready and waiting for you.

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I had enjoyed a fantastic day fishing on my off day and felt pleased the next day as I was en route to assist a young family vacationing in Bankside. They had stopped after adding petrol in their matte black Toyota Sienna, and the car was about an hour's drive away. I turned up at their location and laughed while I heard to the wife telling her man off for being so foolish. "How could you even find a way to put the wrong fuel in the car?" she demanded of him. I wanted to clarify that this goes on frequently in Southwark and that it's absolutely nothing to get worried about, nevertheless he all the same got an earful by his wife. Unlucky guy. Anyway, I cleaned up and removed the contaminated fuel, flushed the motor and filled it up with the proper fuel. While watching them drive away I shouted bon voyage and considered what her indoors would ask me if ever I did the exact same thing... I'd personally never live it down!

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Following are reviews and good examples of wrong fuel removal we've undertaken in Bankside:

Wrong Fuel Bankside - Petrol in Diesel Car Bankside

We were phoned by a man whose clean VW Jetta III had ground to a halt on a road after a misfuel. "I mixed up the pumps and pumped the wrong fuel in my vehicle by mistake. These guys arrived and fixed the issue after my car gave up." We drained the wrong fuel from the diesel tank and flushed the fuel system completely and the gentleman could then continue with his sheduled delivery.

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This was most definitely the graveyard shift. It was about 2am and hardly anyone was about. It was pretty quiet until now, and Mark and I were loafing about reading through a couple of old papers. That was an unusual peaceful time in Southwark. It was in fact so peaceful that when my mobile eventually rang I leaped! The motorist on the other end told me: "I have completed my evening shift and incredibly filled the wrong fuel in my diesel baby blue Hyundai HED-5 in error". We instructed him to inform us exactly where the car was situated and we set off, reaching him in Bankside an hour later. The fuel was removed from the vehicle. He thanked us profusely for showing up so quickly. While we were returning home we saw two women at the side of the street who seemed like they had a puncture. Accordingly we pulled up and helped them change it, to their elation.

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