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If you have unleaded in the diesel car or truck, or diesel in a petrol car ( remarkably many motorists do this at least once at some point) - we handle it on the spot. Wrong Fuel SoS' skilled fuel drainers are available 24 hours a day. Just call our emergency number and they'll come , drain the incorrect fuel and get you rapidly back on the road.

Our engineer was called to a filling station in Belvedere when a young lady put the wrong fuel in her customised VW Eos by putting unleaded in her diesel vehicle. She was in an upset and confused mind-set but we quickly eased her nerves by informing her that we would be with her in an hour to do the drain and that the car would before long be functioning and she'd be away again. As we'd promised she was exactly that, but not before stating: "Your business is really service driven, I'm especially pleased my car is okay," and that she would highly recommend us to everyone.

If you've put the wrong fuel in your car in Belvedere (petrol in diesel Belvedere) we are the company you need to speak to. We cater to the whole of the Belvedere area and all surrounding zones.

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A married couple on their way to pay a visit to family members called us from the Belvedere petrol station in Belvedere to deal with a wrong fuel predicament on their metallic blue Volkswagen Golf. They had put the wrong fuel in their diesel tank and so now wanted a little assistance to get going . Naturally, our fuel drainer before long got them going so they could proceed with their excursion. Contaminated fuel eliminated and everybody smiling again. "I have completely no issue recommending them to friends. Excellent business."

Additionally our team of misfuel specialists cover all of Bexley, meaning that your position is in our neighbourhood. As soon as we've confirmed exactly where you are , we will try to arrive at your location as quickly as we are able to and remove any incorrect fuel from your car. The truth is the quicker you remove all the contaminated fuel from your vehicle, the less damage is caused. And so pick up that telephone and dial our telephone number. A crew of SPA certified mechanics are available and waiting to assist, irrespective of the day or hour it happens to be.

Regardless of if your automobile is brand-new or aged, we have got the skills, experience AND equipment to make certain that your vehicle is cleared out and flushed of all wrong fuel as soon as possible, so you are able to go on with your passage with minimal trouble.

So, in case you've filled your petrol car with the wrong fuel, or the wrong fuel in your diesel motor vehicle anywhere in Bexley, call us right now. Our skilled technicians are completely ready for you.

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I had enjoyed a perfect day cycling on my holiday and felt contented the next morning as I was on the way to help a new family who were on holiday in Belvedere. They broken down after inserting diesel in their creamy white Kia Optima, and the car was about half an hour away. I got there at their position and laughed to myself as I heard to the woman telling her spouse off for turning out to be so confused. "Precisely how could you even find a way to fill the vehicle up with the wrong fuel?" she said to him. I tried to clarify that this occurs frequently in Bexley and that it is nothing to be concerned about, nevertheless he in spite of everything had an earful by his missus. Unlucky chap. Anyway, I removed all of the wrong fuel, gave the engine a flush and gave them some correct fuel. While they drove down the road I shouted goodbye and thought about what my missus would say to me in the event that I did the very same thing... I'd under no circumstances live it down!

Whether you're in a brand spanking new vehicle or an outdated model, we have the tools and practical knowledge to correct the dilemma on the sopt. We remove the incorrect fuel, take care of any problems caused as a result of the misfueling, and get you running.

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Testimonies from our Belvedere team:

Wrong Fuel Belvedere - Petrol in Diesel Car Belvedere

I am not actually so inclined to doing the job Sundays, and a week ago was the same. I had only just left the family after eating a superb lunch prepared for me by the missus, and I was off to assist a gentleman who had put the incorrect fuel in his spotless Toyota RAV4. He was only in Belvedere therefore I was with him almost immediately. As I pulled up at the vehicle and started work he explained to me "Praise the Almighty! I foolishly had my mind on other stuff and failed to realise I had put the wrong fuel in my petrol vehicle. Is it likely I brought about any kind of damage because of running it?" I said that there probably should not be any damage and also I would personally get the fuel drained right away. Needless to say I got the wrong fuel drained from the car and put in some appropriate fuel, and then one more contented client was able to continue on his trip with no hassle. The guy couldn't stop thanking me, and this is what makes carrying out work on Sundays in Bexley just that little bit better for me!

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This really was what we call the graveyard shift. It was about dawn and noone was around. It had become pretty dead thus far, and Brian and I were relaxing reading some old articles. It was an unusual calm moment in Bexley. Actually it was that calm that the moment the phone inevitably rang I leaped with surprise! The customer told me: "I have just ended my night shift and foolishly filled petrol in my diesel buff Cadillac DTS". We told him to tell us exactly where he was located and we left, arriving in Belvedere an hour later. The contaminated fuel was cleared from the motor and he thanked us profusely for coming so quickly. As we were heading back home we spotted two girls at the edge of the road who seemed to have a flat tyre. As a result we pulled up to change it, to their elation.

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