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In case you have put the incorrect fuel in the car or truck in Canonbury we definitely are the professionals you really need to speak to. We serve the whole of the Canonbury region and all bordering regions.

It was close to ten pm on a Wednesday and although we were assured a dry and fresh night, it hadn't ceased pouring! Brian and me were seated going over the recent golf, waiting for the 6th telephone call to arrive. Eventually we received a phone call from a girl on a company expedition who had pulled into the Shell filling garage in Canonbury and put petrol in her diesel clean white Jaguar XF rental car. The unfortunate lady was very distressed it seemed, crying "I still can't believe that I've destroyed the car! I'm so accustomed to putting petrol in my petrol vehicle I had forgot that I was operating a diesel!" I told her to settle back and not to be concerned, and also that things like this happen. She had managed to relocate the car into a safe position and, seeing that it was only a short distance away from our van, we were able to arrive at her swiftly. The incorrect fuel was removed so she could get back to the motel she was living in. Even though we got thoroughly wet, it was all worth it to watch her drive away calm and much less apprehensive. Another job in Islington well done in my books!

Filled up with petrol in your diesel car in Canonbury? It is a considerably more frequent predicament than you would likely assume. And we are able to help you. WrongFuelSoS.com offers you a pair of main catch-phrases: National and Twenty-four hours a day. Furthermore, we abide by them intimately. Irrespective of where you are located within Canonbury or mainland UK we can come out to you to help fix the vehicle.

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A somewhat concerned customer phoned us from the Esso filling station at Islington to tell us that he had put petrol into his diesel spick and span Land Rover Defender 90; he wasn't actually certain how he'd managed to do it. We said to him it was absolutely no problem and rapidly had our fuel drainer out to him to clear the wrong fuel from his tank. Having purged the wrong fuel, he was soon back on the road. He told us; "I am truly dumbfounded I put the wrong fuel in my car. And the guy who appeared to carry out the fuel drain was especially nice - he didn't make me look and feel like an idiot."

Not only that, but our group of misfuel specialists handle all of Islington, so this means that your location is in our neighbourhood. The moment we have concluded your location, we will endeavour to arrive at your location as fast as we can and remove any wrong fuel from your vehicle. The thing is that the quicker you remove all that contaminated fuel from your vehicle, the less damage is inflicted. So grab your phone and dial our number. A crew of SPA certified technicians are available and waiting to assist, regardless the day or hour it is.

We maintain complete Environment Agency registration and Insurance for your own personal convenience. Regardless if you are driving an age-old dinosaur or a brand new high-end vehicle we can certainly help you.

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Yesterday a youngster telephoned us right after his scruffy Saab 9-3 broke down on a street in Canonbury. He had unintentionally put petrol in his diesel vehicle and was only able to drive as far as the road before needing to stop. It was really in the early hours of the morning and our engineer, who resides not far away, was with him in approximately a quarter hour. We managed to take out the wrong fuel and put fresh diesel yet again into the car. "Many kudos to you for your fast response, particularly at 2 a.m., I really am grateful for it."

No matter if you're in a state of the art car or an old design, we have the equipment along with practical knowledge to fix the issue on the sopt. We get rid of the incorrect fuel, deal with any troubles triggered by the misfueling, and get you running.

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We got a call from a customer whose red BMW 745 had broken down on a street because he put the wrong fuel in it. "I got the pumps mixed up and put the wrong fuel in my vehicle by mistake. WrongFuelSOS.com came out and sorted out the situation right after my vehicle died." We drained the unleaded from the diesel tank and flushed the fuel system thoroughly afterwards and the customer could then proceed with his sheduled delivery.

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This was exactly an unsociable time to be awake. It was close to dawn and almost noone was about. It was quite quiet so far, and me and Mark were loafing about looking through a couple of old newspapers. It was an unusual calm moment in Islington. It was indeed so peaceful that when my mobile inevitably rang it made me jump! The customer explained: "I've ended my evening shift and stupidly poured petrol in the baby blue Land Rover Range Rover Classic in error". I told him to inform us exactly where he was and we hit the road, reaching him in Canonbury not as much as half an hour later. The contaminated fuel was taken out from the motor. He said thanks a lot for getting there so fast. As we were heading back home we spotted two ladies on the side of the highway who appeared to have a puncture. So we got out to help them change it, to their delight.

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