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It was close to six pm on a Thursday and while we were guaranteed a dry and fresh day, it hadn't stopped raining! Ray and me were sitting there talking about the footy rankings, prepared for the 8th call to come in. Finally we received the phone call from a lovely woman on a company excursion who had pulled into the Texaco filling garage in Chislehurst and filled the wrong fuel in her diesel cyan Isuzu Impulse lease car. She was somewhat distressed apparently, crying "I simply cannot believe I've wrecked the car! I am just so familiar with filling up my petrol car I totally did not remember I was operating a diesel!" I instructed her to settle back and not to worry, and that such things regrettably often happen. She had managed to maneuver the car to a safe spot and, because it was only a short distance off from us, we were able to get to the customer quickly. The contaminated fuel was drained and she could once again go back to the Premier Inn she was residing in. Even though we got fairly wet, it was all worth the effort seeing her drive home satisfied and much less anxious. Yet another misfuel correction in Bromley done well in my opinion!

Petrol in your diesel car in Chislehurst? You've come to the right place. We are here to help you in this situatiuon and get you driving once again with our specialist fuel drain assistance.

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A motorist had conked out on a road, Chislehurst having just put petrol in her diesel car. She was crying and really agitated as she had put £55 petrol in her diesel car. When she called us we tried to cool her as well as we could, assuring her that it would be okay. When we got to her she was no longer distressed and was quite interested in paying attention to our technician do the fuel drain on her sky blue Fiat Nuova 500. Soon after she said: "My car is like my child, I recently paid for it and it truly worried me that I had put such a large amount of wrong fuel in it. I'm really pleased that it was so very easily fixable."

It doesn't matter whether your automobile is brand new or aged, we have the competencies, know-how AND tools to make certain that your car is cleared out and flushed of all contaminated fuel immediately, so you have the ability to continue on with your journey with the bare minimum disruption.

Consequently, in case you've topped up your petrol automobile with the wrong fuel, or put petrol in your diesel motor vehicle wherever in Bromley, speak to us immediately. Our skilled mechanics are completely ready for you.

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The other day a motorist contacted us soon after his green Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG died along a street in Chislehurst. He had inadvertently put petrol in the diesel vehicle and got to the street before being forced to halt. It was yet early in the morning and our engineer, who stays not far away, got to him in about a quarter hour. We were able to take out the wrong fuel and put clean diesel once again into the car. "Thank you for your fast response, particularly at 1 a.m., I genuinely appreciate it."

So, whether you require a wrong fuel drain or simply advice on what you should do, you are able to get in touch with us any time. We are waiting for your phone call to offer assistance and our expert services to get you moving once more. Call us now and check out exactly how we are able to help you:

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We were called by a gentleman whose mint green Hyundai Excel had conked out on a road after a misfuel. "I got the pumps mixed up and put petrol instead of diesel in my vehicle by mistake. You arrived and fixed the problem right after my car gave up." We purged the wrong fuel from the diesel tank and flushed the engine completely and the customer could then go on with his sheduled delivery.

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This was most definitely what is called an unsociable time to be on the road. It was close to 2am and almost noone was around. It had been fairly uneventful up to now, and me and John were relaxing browsing several old newspapers. That was a rare tranquil time in Bromley. Actually it was that quiet that when the telephone eventually rang it made me jump! The motorist told me: "I just ended my evening shift and stupidly put the wrong fuel in the canary yellow Porsche Cayman by mistake". I told him to inform us exactly where the vehicle was situated and we set off, getting to him in Chislehurst under an hour or so later. The contaminated fuel was cleared from the motor. He said thanks a lot for coming so quickly. As we were heading back to the office we saw two young ladies on the side of the road who seemed to have a flat. Accordingly we got out to change it, much to their delight.

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