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In the event you've put petrol in your diesel vehicle in Erith we are the people you really should get in touch with. We serve the whole of the Erith region and all adjoining areas.

It was after 9 pm on a Friday and though we were promised a rainless afternoon, it hadn't given up on raining! Ray and I were relaxing there going over the football rankings, waiting for the next call of the day to arrive. Before long we received the phone call from a young lady on a business expedition who had arrived at the Tesco petrol garage in Erith and put petrol in her diesel luxury Volvo S80 rental. She was fairly agitated it seemed, crying "I can not believe I've messed up the vehicle! I'm just so accustomed to filling up my petrol car I completely forgot I was driving a diesel!" I just instructed her to relax and not to worry, also that such things sadly often happen. She managed to get the vehicle to a secure position and, because it was only a few miles off from our van, we were able to get to her fairly quickly. The wrong fuel was extracted so she could once again go back to the Premier Inn she was lodging in. Despite the fact that we got very wet, it was all worth the effort to see her drive away relaxed and not so worried. A job in Bexley well done in my mind!

Have your face in your hands due to the fact you have incorrectly filled the wrong type of fuel in your vehicle? In the event that you are stranded in Erith and stressing, then simply phone the speediest and most economical wrong fuel drain professionals now. Our crew of SPA accredited mechanics are readily available 24 hours a day to aid you at the side of the road using the correct gear to carry out a fuel drain on your vehicle rapidly.

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A somewhat concerned driver phoned us from the Texaco filling station at Bexley to inform us that he put unleaded in to his diesel light blue BMW Z4; he wasn't really quite certain how he'd managed to do it. We said to him it was absolutely no problem and rapidly had our technician out to him to clear the contaminated fuel from his tank. Having extracted the contaminated fuel, he was almost immediately back on the road. He told us; "I can't believe I put petrol in my diesel car. And the guy who came to undertake the fuel drain was really nice - he didn't make me seem an idiot."

Additionally our team of wrong fuel specialists cover the entirity of Bexley, meaning that your position is in our area. Once we've concluded your position, we will try to arrive at your location as swiftly as we are able to and remove any wrong fuel from your car. The thing is that the quicker you take out all of that wrong fuel from your motor, the less harm is inflicted. So get the phone and dial our telephone number. A crew of SPA certified mechanics are geared up and at the ready to assist, no matter what day or time it is.

It matters not whether your vehicle is brand new or older, we possess the skills, expertise AND equipment to be sure that your vehicle is cleared out and flushed of all the contaminated fuel immediately, which means that you have the ability to go on with your drive with minimal interruption.

We deal with your automobile equipped with our comprehensive licencing and insurance protection. We have the ability to fix all vehicle varieties irrespective of if they have been run on contaminated fuel or just misfueled.

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I had a fantastic evening hiking during the weekend and felt cheerful the next morning as I headed out to help a new couple who were holidaying in Erith. They stopped after adding the wrong fuel in their baby blue Toyota Corolla, and the car was about half an hour's drive away. I showed up at their car and smirked while I heard to the gal telling her spouse off for turning out to be so stupid. "Precisely how could you possibly find a way to put the wrong fuel in the car?" she told him. I attempted to tell her that this situation comes to pass everyday in Bexley and that it is nothing to stress about, nonetheless he yet still got an ear bashing. Unfortunate boy. At any rate, I drained out all of the polluted fuel, gave the motor a flush and filled it up with the proper fuel. Watching them drive away I shouted hasta la vista and thought about what my missus would say to me in the event that I did the same thing... I'd personally under no circumstances hear the end of it!

With 100's of years of joint contaminated fuel removal practical knowledge you could not be better served. Our technicians have experienced it all and corrected the lot. They are trained on the newest types and possess all applicable certificates. The company is entirely V.A.T. authorised and covered by insurance so you are aware we are no cowboy or “mickey mouse” enterprise.

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Now I am not actually too interested in doing the job Sundays, and 2 weeks ago was no different. I had only just come away from the family following a lovely Sunday roast cooked for us by the missus, and I was on my way to help a gentleman after he put the incorrect petrol in his daughter's VW Jetta III. He was situated in Erith so I arrived on scene before long. As I arrived behind the vehicle and stepped out he said to me "Praise the Almighty! I had my attention on something else and didn't grasp that I have put diesel in my petrol car. Have I inflicted harm simply by driving it?" I stated that there shouldn't be damage and that I'd personally remove the contaminated fuel quickly for him. Naturally I drained the contaminated fuel from the vehicle and put in the correct fuel, and then one more pleased client was able to continue his travelling without the bother. He couldn't stop saying thanks to me, and that is what can make working on Sundays in Bexley just that little bit better for me personally!

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A driver who had sadly put petrol in his diesel metallic yellow Ford phoned us for help at the Tesco petrol station in Erith. He thought it would be good to fill up before proceeding on to the local recreation park . "I put petrol rather than diesel which wasn't a good beginning to our getaway." It was absolutely no hassle at all for our technical engineer to go out and perform the fuel drain. We hope everyone enjoyed their vacation.

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