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In the event you've put the wrong fuel in your vehicle in Hereford we are the professionals you need to speak to. We operate throughout the whole of the Hereford region and all adjoining parts.

We performed a fuel drain for a gentleman whose car had come to a standstill in a street in Hereford soon after he had put the wrong fuel in his diesel car. We arrived to find the driver patiently waiting for us in his Ferarri red Renault Master - he had been catching up browsing his work. We quickly drained the wrong fuel and he was ready to continue his journey in no time. "I was impressed. Your fuel drainer was extremely fast and efficient. Thank you."

Wrong fuel Hereford? We are able to service the Hereford area very well due to the fact that one of our engineers resides nearby and is as a result not far from the action. If you've got petrol in your diesel car in Hereford we'll be glad to come out and do a complete fuel drain. Unleaded in diesel in Hereford need not be a huge problem. We're merely a phone call away.

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Wrong Fuel Hereford

Wrong Fuel Queensway Postcode - Hereford Misfuelling

Just had a fantastic night of uninterrupted sleep! It was 7:00 on a sunny Wednesday and I was on my way to help an elder woman who put petrol in her diesel pristine Bugatti Veyron in Hereford. She informed us that she had left the filling station and stranded along a rural lane on route to pay a visit to her godchildren. I got the location plugged in the Satnav and was on-scene within an hour or so. I reached the location and drained the contaminated fuel in the car car. Whilst I was doing the work she said to me, "I am getting relatively forgetful in my old age and didn't remember about the vehicle working with diesel since I had only just got it a week ago right after my other one, which I'd used for over twenty five years, finally stopped working". I got the drain completed and she presented me a toffee and said thank you. Such a pleasant Hereford lady!

We care for your automobile accompanied by our full licencing and insurance coverage. With around 150 years of blended fuel drain know-how we know just how to get the job done - no problem.

Wrong Fuel Assist Hereford - Wrong Fuel in Car Hereford

A motorist had stopped just off a road in Hereford. His metallic grey Volkswagen Passat engine had ceased running and he'd no clue what was wrong until he noticed he had put petrol in his diesel car. He called us to request a fuel drain and that's when he told us: "I can not believe that I didn't realise that I had put the wrong fuel in my car." He said that he had got virtually no sleep the evening before and that could have been precisely why.

Irrespective of if it is wrong fuel or contaminated fuel we can make it possible to correct it. Our local call-centre is always open, even holidays, to respond to your enquiries and help get you on the road once again. Contact us today and see how we could possibly help you:

We have technical engineers on duty in the local area available and waiting to come out and fuel drain your automobile of the incorrect fuel or polluted fuel. We run 24/7 every day of the year. All our experts are completely trained and knowledgeable in handling all types of cars or trucks.

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Wrong Fuel Doctor Hereford
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Several of the more usual facts we pick up from many of our specialists in Hereford:

Wrong Fuel Hereford - Petrol in Diesel Car Hereford

We were called by a gentleman whose mom's VW Fox had broken down on a road because he put the wrong fuel in it. "I confused the pumps and put the wrong fuel in my car in error. You came out and fixed the problem after my vehicle gave up." We drained the unleaded from the diesel tank and flushed the engine completely and the customer could carry on with his sheduled delivery.

Wrong Fuel Doctor Hereford - Fuel Rescue Hereford

A driver from Hereford with her children in her diesel mate's Jeep Cherokee had filled her car with £20 of petrol at the Co Op petrol station. She contacted us weeping and genuinely worried as she had never filled up with the wrong fuel previously and didn't know what could happen to her car . We reassured her that all would be ok and that she would be ready to go in no time at all. When we got there she was visible upset but while our engineer started work on the fuel drain she simmered down as she recognised that something could be done and her car wasn't unfixable. She soon cheered up and was on her way saying, "I just can't believe my luck putting the wrong fuel in my car! Specifically with the little ones in the back."

Removing Petrol from Diesel

Wrong Fuel Doctor Hereford

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Normal Wrong Fuel Symptoms:

Here's a list of standard wrong fuel symptoms:

  • Reduced vehicle power
  • Motor stalling, chugging or even coughing
  • Difficulties starting the motor
  • Abnormal fumes

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Wrong Fuel SoS is fully licensed and trained to undertake all categories of polluted fuel drains for the treatment of mixed fuel. To learn about how we will help get you going again just give us a call.

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