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If you've put the incorrect fuel in the car and one way or another succeeded to get it home or have broken down on the road - we can help you out. Our assistance is completely mobile and we are able to come out irrespective of exactly where you are and have the vehicle drained, cleaned out and working once more very quickly - and for an affordable price!

A customer conked out on a road in Herne Hill had to have a fuel drain roughly a few weeks ago. His bright white Range Rover Evoque was stuck on the side of the road after he had put in the wrong fuel. He was calm when he phoned us but a bit concerned to move his car from the road as he was generating considerable traffic. We arrived in 15 minutes seeing that our technician was in neighbouring Herne Hill and had just completed a fuel drain. He said, "I simply don't believe I put unleaded in my diesel car and stopped ! My car was not running well I needed to stop and after that it just cut out."

Now you've put the incorrect fuel in your vehicle in Herne Hill and are wondering exactly how to correct the dilemma. In the event that you're here looking at this then that implies you are in any case on the right route. Pretty much all you need to do at this point is call us so we can come to drain your car. So why us? Smart question. We are highly professional fuel drain specialists in Herne Hill, who are out there 24 hours a day to assist you wherever you are.

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The driver of a immaculate BMW M Roadster was regretfull that he put petrol in his diesel automobile when he got as far as the street and it coughed and ground to a halt. "I've gone and put the wrong fuel in my diesel car," is what he shared with us the first time he called. To tell the truth, when he first contacted us he said he wanted to check around, but he phoned us back shortly because our rate and arrival times were the most desirable. Not surprisingly, our technician had him again doing his deliveries well within the period we'd estimated.

Pulling the wrong fuel in your car can be very over-priced to correct, IN THE CASE THAT you leave it in there a long time. On the other hand, due to the fact we currently have a crew who deal with the whole of Lambeth, we can easily arrive with you fast, regardless of what time of day it is. We have assisted hundreds of drivers just like you, who have put the wrong fuel in their diesel motor or vice versa, and each of our customers will acknowledge that our assistance is the best without a doubt. Contact us now and have us take care of your wrong fuel issue the way we know how.

Regardless of if your car is modern or old, we have got the capabilities, knowledge AND tools to ensure that your vehicle is drained and flushed of any wrong fuel as fast as possible, which means that you have the ability to continue on with your drive with the bare minimum disruption.

With more than 100 years of total contaminated fuel removal practical knowledge you could not be in safer hands. Our technicians have seen a great deal and fixed everything. They are properly trained on the most recent automobiles and carry all appropriate certificates. The company is properly V.A.T. licensed and covered with insurance so you know we are no cowboy or "mickey mouse" enterprise.

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A motorist had stopped just off a road in Herne Hill. His dilapidated Mercedes E-Class car had stopped operating and he had no clue what was awry until he noticed he put unleaded in his diesel vehicle. He rang us to request a fuel drain and that's when he told us: "I can't believe that I didn't detect that I put the wrong fuel in my car." He said that he had got virtually no rest the day before and that must have been the key reason why.

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Reports from our own Herne Hill team:

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We were contacted by a customer whose customised Mazda B2000 had stopped on a road because he put the wrong fuel in it. "I mixed up the pumps and pumped petrol instead of diesel in my car by mistake. You guys came out and sorted out the issue after my vehicle quit." We drained the unleaded from the diesel tank and flushed the fuel lines completely and the driver could continue on with his deliveries.

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A motorist driving in Herne Hill phoned us shortly after she tried to get her wrong fuelled vehicle to the office. She had put petrol in her diesel sky blue Ford Transit Connect and, like countless prior to her, imagined that she would be able to basically top up her tank with diesel and it'd run no problem. The vehicle was chugging and then it cut out when she reached the the front of her office. We promptly started on the fuel drain following her call and got it sorted within one hour whilst she was working. She came outside soon after and thanked us saying, "I'm very delighted you fixed my vehicle."

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Wrong Fuel SoS is fully licensed and skilled to conduct all types of wrong fuel drains pertaining to the extraction of mixed fuel. To discover precisely how we can assist get you on the road again contact us.