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Unleaded in a diesel vehicle? Whether or not the automobile has been driven we are able to rectify the problem and perform a 100 % drain and flush - in 99% of circumstances this will have your vehicle running normally again immediately. We can come to you. We are 100 % mobile and take along all the apparatus required. We have professional fuel removal equipment on board and are knowledgeable in all makes of cars and vans.

An irritated older gentleman phoned us when his vehicle would not start outside Ilford. "In my urgency to get to my destination, I put petrol in my diesel car. I didn't really realize until finally the car began to chug and then it ground to a halt right on the street." Luckily, our fuel technicians are expert in working with issues just like this, and we soon enough had the man back up and running again.

Contaminated fuel in your vehicle and having difficulty in Ilford? We can aid you hour of need with specialised advice and assistance. WrongFuelSoS.com has 100% nationwide support for fuel drainage. And additionally we are on-duty 24/7. You can actually depend upon us to be at your assistance whenever you phone us, and irregardless of exactly where you are in Ilford or even the UK.

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A relatively concerned motorist phoned us from the Texaco petrol station at Redbridge to inform us that he had put unleaded in to his diesel bright yellow Porsche 911; he wasn't totally certain how he'd managed to do it. We told him it was no situation and soon enough had our engineer with him to drain the contaminated fuel from his tank. Having taken out the contaminated fuel, he was soon back behind the wheel. He told us; "I can't believe I put petrol in my diesel car. And the person who came out to perform the fuel drain was very very good - he didn't make me seem like an idiot."

Filling up the incorrect fuel in your vehicle can certainly be quite expensive to correct, WHEN you leave it there quite a long time. But, due to the fact we currently have a team who deal with all of Redbridge, we are able to arrive with you fast, no matter what time it is. We've supported many drivers exactly like you, who have put the wrong fuel in their diesel motor or the alternative way around, and each one of our customers will all concur that our product is the most impressive by far and away. Call us right now and let us deal with your wrong fuel difficulty straight away.

With hundreds of years of joint wrong fuel removal practical experience you couldn't be in better hands. Our technicians have come across everything and fixed everything. They are properly trained on the most recent models and carry all applicable certificates. The company is entirely V.A.T. authorised and covered with insurance so you are aware we are no cowboy or "mickey mouse" venture.

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Last friday a motorist contacted us after his sombre grey Mercedes SLK-Class broke down on a road in Ilford. He had inadvertently put the incorrect fuel in his diesel vehicle and got as far as the road before having to stop. It was still early in the morning and our technical engineer, who stays close by, arrived with him in about 15 minutes. We were able to remove the incorrect fuel and put fresh diesel back in the car. "Thank you for your immediate response, particularly at 4 a.m., I am grateful for it."

And so, no matter if you require a wrong fuel drain or simply advice on how to proceed, you should call us whenever you wish. Our phone operators are on standby to address your inquiries and have a fuel drainer on-scene with you in a flash to correct your vehicle. Call us and demand help or support.

We supply you with fresh fuel at petrol station prices, and we can normally have your vehicle drained and in a position to go inside of an hour. All contaminated fuel is disposed of by us by means of a licensed waste transporter and recycled. Regardless of wherever you are in the the country, Wrong Fuel SoS can get a drainer to you to perform a complete fuel drain on your car.

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A few examples:

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Now I'm not ever excessively excited about running Sundays, and a while back was no different. I had just left home following a lovely dinner prepared for us by the missus, and I was off to sort out a man who had put the incorrect fuel in his sky blue Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. He was somewhere in Ilford therefore it wouldn't be long before I arrived with him. As I drove up behind the car and got out he said to me "Praise God! I stupidly had my attention on other things and failed to ascertain I have put diesel in my petrol vehicle. I need to know if I caused any damage through starting it?" I stated there should not be any problems and that I'd get the contaminated fuel drained as soon as possible for him. Obviously I got the contaminated fuel drained from the car and filled up with some suitable fuel, and yet another content customer had the ability to continue on his ride with no bother. He could not stop thanking me, and that is exactly what makes earning a living on weekends in Redbridge just that small bit easier in my opinion!

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This was certainly what is called the graveyard shift. It was around sunrise and nobody was around. It was quite dead so far, and me and John were relaxing looking through a number of old papers. That was an unusual tranquil time in Redbridge. Actually it was in fact so tranquil that when the phone ultimately rang it made me jump! The voice on the opposite end told me: "I have concluded my night shift and foolishly poured the wrong fuel in my modified Mazda B2600 in error". I told him to inform us just where he was and we set off, ending up in Ilford under an hour or so later. The wrong fuel was cleaned up and removed from the car. He thanked us for showing up so quickly. While we were going back to base we spotted two young ladies on the edge of the street who looked like they suffered a flat tyre. So we stopped to help them change it, to their delight.

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Wrong Fuel SoS is fully licensed and approved to fulfill all varieties polluted fuel drains relating to the removing of mixed fuel. To learn how we can assist get you on the road once again simply call us.