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It was close to 8 pm on a Thursday and even though we were promised a rainless evening, it had not stopped raining! Brian and I were relaxing talking about the recent sports results, waiting around for the 6th fuel drain that day to arrive. Finally we got the phone call from a lady on a company expedition who had gone to the Texaco petrol garage in Leyton and filled petrol in a diesel worn-out BMW 525 hire car by mistake. She was rather distressed apparently, stating "I can't believe I have ruined the car! I am just so accustomed to putting petrol in my petrol vehicle I had did not remember I was using a diesel!" I just instructed her to calm down and not to fret, and that such things regrettably often happen. She had managed to get the vehicle to a protected space and, seeing as it was only a few miles from our van, we could find the customer right away. The wrong fuel was cleaned up and removed and she could return to the Travelodge she was lodging at. Despite the fact we got extremely wet, it was all worthwhile to see her drive home satisfied and much less apprehensive. Another job in Waltham Forest well done in my books!

Thank you for visiting WrongFuelSoS.com. In the event that you've the incorrect fuel in your automobile and are anywhere within Leyton, Waltham Forest please read on. WrongFuelSoS.com boasts a couple of key catch-phrases: National and Twenty-four hours a day. Moreover, we comply with them carefully. You can depend on us to be available for your aid anytime you phone us, regardless of the place where you are positioned in Leyton or the UK.

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What a great night's uninterrupted sleep! It was 7:00 am on a rainy Saturday and we were off to help an older lovely lady after she put petrol in her diesel company's Lexus LS in Leyton. I'd been told she had driven away from the filling station forecourt and broken down along a backwater road en route to pay a visit to her grandchildren. I popped the location into the Satnav and was with her in less than an hour or so. I turned up at the destination and drained the wrong fuel from the car. Whilst I was doing the work she explained, "I'm becoming relatively absent-minded in my senior years and did not remember about the car using diesel as I'd just got it a week back after my previous one, which I had owned for in excess of 30 years, inevitably broke down". I completed the job and she gifted me a toffee and said thanks a lot. Such a pleasant Waltham Forest lady!

Filled up with the wrong fuel and stuck at the petrol station? All WrongFuelSoS.com' technicians are fully SPA qualified to enable them to work on petrol station forecourts. Health & Safety is a subject we take very closely and we are committed to making certain you experience professional, inexpensive and safe service.

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I had a great afternoon fishing during my holiday and was feeling satisfied the following working day as I headed out to assist a new couple holidaying in Leyton. They broken down after adding diesel into their light green Fiat Doblo, and were about half an hour away. I turned up at their position and laughed as I heard to the woman berating her spouse for turning out to be so daft. "Exactly how could you conceivably find a way to put the wrong fuel in the vehicle?" she asked him. I wanted to tell her that this comes to pass continuously in Waltham Forest and that it's nothing at all to worry about, nevertheless he in spite of everything got an earful. Poor guy. Anyways, I removed all of the polluted fuel, gave the fuel system a flush and filled it up with the proper fuel. Watching them drive down the road I shouted hasta la vista and wondered what her indoors would ask me in the event that I did the same thing... I would under no circumstances hear the end of it!

It doesn't matter whether it's diesel in petrol or petrol in diesel we can help correct it. Ourtelephone operators are standing by to answer any enquiries and have a specialist out to you super fast to deal with your car. Get a wrong fuel drain or support immediately:

We supply you with fresh fuel at pump cost, and we can usually have your car corrected and set to be run in less than one hour. All contaminated fuel is discarded by us through a accredited waste company and recycled. It does not matter where you are in the United Kingdom, Wrong Fuel SoS can get a technician out to you to do a full fuel drain on your automobile.

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I'm certainly not very inclined to doing work weekends, and the other day was no different. I had just left the family after having a lovely Sunday roast cooked for me by the missus, and I was en route to deal with a fellow after he filled the incorrect petrol in his cobalt blue Chevrolet Suburban. He was stationed in Leyton therefore I was with him almost immediately. As I drove up at the rear of the vehicle and stepped out he told me "Thank God! I stupidly had my attention on other things and did not ascertain I had put the wrong fuel in my petrol car. Is it likely I brought on harm by simply starting it?" I determined there should not be damage and that also I would get the fuel drained immediately. Obviously I got the fuel drained from the car and put in the appropriate fuel, and so yet another content motorist had the ability to continue on their trip with no difficulty. The man could not stop thanking me, and that can make earning a living on Sundays in Waltham Forest just that tiny bit easier to me!

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A gentleman contacted us from his pristine Renault where he had conked out on the hectic street. "I erroneously put unleaded in my diesel car and I shortly discovered all about it a number of miles down the road!" Luckily we were in a position to attend him in a relatively short time, considering the congestion, and he was before long back behind the wheel.

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