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In the event that you have put the incorrect fuel in the vehicle in New Frankley we certainly are the professionals you need to contact. We operate throughout the whole of the New Frankley area and all adjoining parts.

It was around eight pm on a Friday and although we were assured a dry evening, it hadn't stopped pouring down rain! Mark and me were resting going over the recent football rankings, waiting around for the 6th telephone call that day to come in. In due time we got the call from a girl on a company trip who had pulled into the Texaco filling station in New Frankley and filled petrol in a diesel cyan Ford Aspire lease car in error. She was fairly affected it seemed, saying "I simply cannot believe that I've ruined the vehicle! I am so used to filling my petrol vehicle I completely forgot I was operating a diesel!" We advised her to settle back and not to be concerned, and that things like this unfortunately can happen. She managed to get the car to a secure spot and, because it was no more than a few minutes off from the office, we could get to the lady right away. The wrong fuel was cleaned up and removed so she was able to get back to the Travelodge she was living in. Although we got very wet, it was all worth it seeing her drive away relaxed and not so worried. A fuel drain in Birmingham well done in my mind!

Put wrong fuel in your motor accidentally in New Frankley? The primary thing is not to freak out or worry! Second of all, you want to get in touch with us so we can help you with the extraction. Our professional team of mechanics are available in the vicinity of your position to come and aid you at the side of the road making use of professional equipment.

The 3 things you NEED to know about a Misfuel!

Wrong Fuel in Car New Frankley - New Frankley Misfuelling

Just had a great night's uninterrupted sleep! 7:00 in the morning on a warm Sunday and I was en route to assist an old lady after she put petrol in her diesel metallic silver Mitsubishi Precis in New Frankley. She told us that she drove away from the petrol station forecourt and stranded in a country road on route to visit her family. I got her location punched in the Satnav and was with her in less than 60 minutes. I turned up at the vehicle and drained the contaminated fuel from the vehicle. While I was doing the drain she told me, "I have been becoming fairly absent-minded in my senior years and did not remember about the vehicle working with diesel since I'd only purchased it a few days back after my previous one, which I had owned for over 25 years, inevitably died". I completed the job and she gifted me a Murray mint and said thank you. Such a lovely Birmingham woman!

Additionally our crew of wrong fuel professionals handle the entirity of Birmingham, which implies that your location is inside our coverage area. Once we have concluded your position, we will endeavour to turn up at your destination as fast as we can and retrieve any polluted fuel from your vehicle. The truth is the sooner you get rid of all the contaminated fuel from your motor, the less damage is inflicted. For that reason pick up the telephone and dial our telephone number. A team of SPA skilled technicians are geared up and at the ready to assist, without regard to the day or hour .

No matter if you happen to be driving a brand spanking new car or an out of date type, we have the tools as well as practical knowledge to resolve the dilemma on the sopt. We take out the wrong fuel, handle any troubles brought on as a result of the misfueling, and get you running.

Wrong Fuel Assist New Frankley - Wrong Fuel in Car New Frankley

Yesterday a youngster telephoned us when his trusty Chrysler Grand Voyager died in the middle of a road in New Frankley. He had unintentionally put petrol in his diesel vehicle and was only able to drive so far as the road before being forced to pull up. It was early in the morning and our fuel drainer, who stays nearby, was with him in less than 20 minutes. We were able to drain the incorrect fuel and put clean diesel back in the car. "Thank you for your immediate response, particularly at 3 a.m., I genuinely appreciate it."

So, maybe you need a fuel drain or just advice on how to proceed, you can call us whenever you wish. Our UK call operators are always accessible, even holidays, to resolve your enquiries and help to get you running once again. Call up and request assistance or guidance:

Regardless of whether you are driving a brand-new vehicle or an outdated style, we have the equipment and experience to repair the difficulty on the sopt. We clear away all the wrong fuel, handle any problems created by the misfueling, and get you running.

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Recent Wrong Fuel Drains in New Frankley

Several reports:

Wrong Fuel in Car New Frankley - Petrol in Diesel Car New Frankley

We performed a wrong fuel retrieval exercise near a beautiful residential home in New Frankley recently. "I put petrol in my diesel car and was able to very nearly arrive at home when my car broke down." Our specialist went out, even though it was fairly late at night, and performed a standard fuel drain and cleanse on the khaki green Peugeot Expert to everyone's satisfaction.

Wrong Fuel Doctor New Frankley - Fuel Rescue New Frankley

A man contacted us from his metallic grey Cadillac Brougham where he had ground to a halt on the congested street. "I incorrectly put unleaded in my diesel car and I shortly learned all about it several miles down the road!" Fortuitously we were able to attend him in a relatively quick time, considering the traffic, and he was shortly back on the road.

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Standard Wrong Fuel Warning signs:

The following is a list of standard wrong fuel symptoms or signs:

  • Decrease in engine power
  • Vehicle stalling, chugging and / or hiccuping
  • Difficulty starting the automobile
  • Excessive smoke

How to find out if I put the wrong fuel in my car?

If you’ve just filled up at a petrol station and the cars starts to act a bit strange you might start to wonder if you accidentally put the wrong fuel in it.

Well, there are a few things to can check that will be able to tell you:

  1. How is the car responding? There are some very common misfuel symptoms which can be a good indicator of wrong fuel:
    • Loss of engine power – can feel like the car has run out of fuel
    • A lot of smoke (more than usual)
    • Engine coughing or starting to splutter
    • Won’t start – or keeps stalling.
  2. Look at your fuel receipt. It will state clearly if you filled up with diesel or unleaded. If you don’t have the receipt, you can often return to the petrol station where you filled up and give them the date and time (and pump) where you refuelled and they will often be able to give you a VA receipt.
  3. Smell it. Diesel and petrol have very distinctly different smells. Anyone familiar with the motor industry should be able to help you with this. Or you could even get another car to park alongside and smell the fuel caps of both, comparing them to determine what the fuel type is.
  4. Call us to come out and assess the car. In the majority of cases we will be able to tell if the car has been misfuelled before beginning work on it. If we discover that the vehicle does not need a fuel drain, you will only be charged a call-out fee.

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