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If you have put the wrong fuel in a automobile in Newbury Park we are the company you need to call. We serve the entirety of the Newbury Park region and all adjoining locations.

An irritated elderly gentleman contacted us after his car would not start near Newbury Park. "In my hurry to get where I was travelling, I put the wrong fuel in my car. I didn't really realize up to the point the car began to shudder and then it stalled right on the road." Fortuitously, our fuel technicians are expert in dealing with issues just like this, and we shortly had the man once more up and running again.

Have you your head in your hands due to the fact that you've incorrectly filled the wrong kind of fuel in your vehicle? If you're here stranded in Newbury Park and fretting, then you should phone the swiftest and least expensive wrong fuel drainage professionals right now. Our company is SPA accredited, and delivers nationwide coverage for any person who has mistakenly tanked up with the wrong fuel.

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A fairly concerned driver phoned us from the Shell filling station at Redbridge to tell us that he had put petrol in to his diesel racing green Jeep Compass; he wasn't entirely sure how he'd managed to do it. We assured him it was absolutely no hassle and rapidly had our fuel drainer out to him to drain the incorrect fuel from his car. Having taken out the incorrect fuel, he was soon enough back rolling again. He told us; "I can't believe I put the wrong fuel in my car. And the technician who was sent to perform the fuel drain was especially pleasant - he didn't make me seem like a plonker."

We handle your vehicle with our complete licencing and insurance coverage. Whether you are running an old dinosaur or a brand new sports-car we can help out.

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I had appreciated a wonderful afternoon golfing during the weekend and was feeling satisfied with myself the next day as I headed out to assist a young family who were holidaying in Newbury Park. They'd pulled over after putting the wrong fuel into their uncle's Volvo S60, and were approximately an hour's drive away. I arrived at their car and smirked to myself while I heard to the girl chastising her man for being so daft. "Just how could you possibly be able to put the wrong fuel in the car?" she demanded of him. I wanted to tell her that this situation happens everyday in Redbridge and that it is absolutely nothing to worry about, nevertheless he in spite of everything got an earful. Poor boy. In any case, I drained all the contaminated fuel, gave the fuel system a flush and filled it up with the right fuel. Watching them drive off I mouthed so long and pondered on what my missus would do to me if perhaps I did the exact same thing... I would personally never hear the end of it!

We furnish you with clean fuel at pump rates, and we can generally have your vehicle fixed and in a position to set off in less than an hour or so. All mixed fuel is discarded by us through a certified waste transporter and recycled. No matter wherever you are in the the country, Wrong Fuel SoS will be able to get a technician to you to do a complete fuel drain on your vehicle.

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We got a phone call from a man whose yellow Mercedes CL-Class had conked out on a road because he put the wrong fuel in it. "I confused the pumps and pumped petrol instead of diesel in my car . These guys came out and fixed the issue right after my vehicle died." We drained the petrol from the diesel tank and flushed the engine thoroughly afterwards and the gentleman could then carry on with his deliveries.

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This was most definitely an unsociable time to be on the road. It was roughly 3am and hardly anyone was around. It had been quite dead up to now, and me and Mark were relaxing reading through a few old papers. It was an unusual restful hour in Redbridge. It was indeed so relaxing that the instant the phone rang it made me start! The voice explained: "I have completed my evening shift and stupidly filled petrol in a diesel new Cadillac DTS in error". I instructed him to inform us just where he was and we headed out, reaching him in Newbury Park no more than an hour or so later. The incorrect fuel was cleared from the vehicle and he thanked us for getting there so quickly. While we were coming back to the depot we found two young women on the edge of the road who seemed to have a flat tyre. Obviously we got out to change it, much to their elation.

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Wrong Fuel SoS is fully approved and trained to carry out all varieties polluted fuel drains regarding the removing of contaminated fuel. To learn about precisely how we can assist get you on the road again simply give us a call.