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Unleaded in a diesel car? Regardless of whether the automobile has been run we can correct the issue and complete a thorough drain and flush - in 99% of conditions this should have your car going normally again immediately. We come to you. We are 100 % mobile and possess all the equipment required. We have specialist fuel retrieval apparatus on board and are knowledgeable in all types of vehicles.

We performed a fuel drain for a driver whose car had ground to a halt in a street in Pembroke due to the fact that he had put unleaded in his diesel car. We got there to see the driver patiently waiting for us in his sombre grey Nissan Cube - he had been studying on his laptop. We quickly cleared the wrong fuel and he was ready to resume his journey within a short time. "I was surprised. Your fuel drainer was fast and cost-effective. Many thanks."

Did you realise that there're in excess of 150,000 examples of motorists filling their cars with the wrong type of fuel every calendar year? If perhaps you have unfortunately done precisely the same in Pembroke, then we can help. We are very professional fuel drain experts in Pembroke, and are at your disposal 24/7 to assist you wherever you are.

The 3 things you SHOULD know about fuel contamination!

Wrong Fuel in Car Pembroke - Pembroke Misfuelling

What a great night of sleep! It was 7:00 on a gloomy Tuesday and we were on my way to help an old sweetheart after she had put contaminated fuel in her diesel time-worn Toyota Land Cruiser in Pembroke. I'd been informed she drove away from the filling station and stranded in a rural lane on route to visit her family. I got the location plugged in the TomTom and got there inside 60 minutes. I reached the vehicle and drained the wrong fuel in the car vehicle. While I was doing the drain she said, "I'm becoming somewhat forgetful in my old age and did not remember about the car using diesel since I'd only just acquired it a few days back after my former car, which I owned for more than twenty years, inevitably died". I completed the drain and she gifted me a peppermint and thanked me for my hard work. Such a precious Pembrokeshire woman!

Misfuelling your vehicle can easily be very pricey to fix, IN THE CASE THAT you leave it there too long. But, as we have a team who cover all of Pembrokeshire, we are able to reach you quickly, in spite of what time of day it is. We've helped hundreds of individuals exactly like you, who have put petrol in their diesel engine or vice versa, and all of our customers will concur that our service is the best without a doubt. Call us now and let us care for your misfuelling dilemma straight away.

So, in case you've topped up your petrol vehicle with the wrong fuel, or put petrol in your diesel vehicle wherever in Pembrokeshire, speak to us right away. Our skilled technicians are available for your call.

Wrong Fuel Assist Pembroke - Wrong Fuel in Car Pembroke

A gentleman called us from Pembroke to state that he foolishly pumped unleaded into his diesel company's Land Rover Range Rover Classic. "Shocking! I can't believe I put unleaded in my beautiful diesel car!" It took our fuel drainer approximately fifty minutes to completely drain the contaminated fuel out of the vehicle. He carefully flushed the fuel lines, filter and pumps and after that put clean fuel in the vehicle. The customer was delighted and it didn't cost him dealership prices to get the job properly completed.

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Recent Wrong Fuel Drains in Pembroke

Common wrong fuel drain articles in Pembroke:

Wrong Fuel in Car Pembroke - Petrol in Diesel Car Pembroke

No one likes being stuck in a automobile contaminated with the wrong fuel halfway down the street. One of our last customers who filled her car with the incorrect fuel (immaculate Ford Taurus) in Pembroke suffered precisely this issue: "WrongFuelSOS.com's fuel drain guy helped me remove my vehicle from the live lane. He removed the wrong fuel from it and had it going once more after only twenty-five minutes. Couldn't recommend you more."

Wrong Fuel Doctor Pembroke - Fuel Rescue Pembroke

This was certainly what we call the night shift. It was about sunrise and nobody was stirring. It was fairly uneventful up to now, and me and Brian were loafing reading a few old articles. This was an uncommon quiet moment in Pembrokeshire. Actually it was that relaxing that when the phone finally rang I leaped! The voice on the other end said: "I have completed my overnight shift and foolishly poured petrol in a light green BMW Z4 by mistake". We instructed him to let us know exactly where he was and we left, arriving in Pembroke only an hour later. The wrong fuel was removed from the motor. He thanked us profusely for getting there so rapidly. As we were heading back to the depot we noticed two girls at the side of the road who appeared to have a flat. Accordingly we got out to change it, much to their elation.

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Prevalent Wrong Fuel Symptoms:

Here is a list of usual wrong fuel symptoms or signs:

  • Loss in vehicle power
  • Vehicle dying, stuttering or even hiccuping
  • Trouble starting the car
  • Abnormal smoke

How to find out if I put the wrong fuel in my car?

If you’ve just filled up at a petrol station and the cars starts to act a bit strange you might start to wonder if you accidentally put the wrong fuel in it.

Well, there are a few things to can check that will be able to tell you:

  1. How is the car responding? There are some very common misfuel symptoms which can be a good indicator of wrong fuel:
    • Loss of engine power – can feel like the car has run out of fuel
    • A lot of smoke (more than usual)
    • Engine coughing or starting to splutter
    • Won’t start – or keeps stalling.
  2. Look at your fuel receipt. It will state clearly if you filled up with diesel or unleaded. If you don’t have the receipt, you can often return to the petrol station where you filled up and give them the date and time (and pump) where you refuelled and they will often be able to give you a VA receipt.
  3. Smell it. Diesel and petrol have very distinctly different smells. Anyone familiar with the motor industry should be able to help you with this. Or you could even get another car to park alongside and smell the fuel caps of both, comparing them to determine what the fuel type is.
  4. Call us to come out and assess the car. In the majority of cases we will be able to tell if the car has been misfuelled before beginning work on it. If we discover that the vehicle does not need a fuel drain, you will only be charged a call-out fee.

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