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If you've put the incorrect fuel in your car or truck and one way or another were able to get where you were going or have come to a stop by the roadside - we can certainly help. Our service is completely mobile and we can come out regardless of wherever you are and have the automobile drained, flushed and working just as before in no time - and for a fair price!

It was just before 5 pm on a Wednesday and despite the fact that we were promised a dry afternoon, it hadn't ceased raining! Dan and me were sitting there talking over the recent football rankings, ready for the seventh job of the day to come in. Inevitably we got a call from a girl on a business excursion who had arrived at the BP petrol station in Riddlesdown and filled the wrong fuel in her diesel worn-out Audi R8 hire car. She was somewhat affected by the sounds of it, saying "I just can't believe I've wrecked the vehicle! I'm just so accustomed to filling my petrol vehicle I had did not remember I was running a diesel!" We told her to settle back and not to worry, and that these things unfortunately can happen. She managed to relocate the car to a safe space and, seeing that it was only a few miles away from the office, we were able to reach the lady swiftly. The incorrect fuel was taken out and she was able to once again go back to the hotel she was residing in. Despite the fact we got pretty soaked, it was all worth the effort seeing her drive away calm and a lot less apprehensive. A misfuel correction in Croydon done well in my books!

Did you know there are actually in excess of 150,000 instances of individuals filling their vehicle using the wrong sort of fuel each twelve months? In the event that you've unfortunately done the same thing in Riddlesdown, we can be of assistance. We are highly experienced fuel drain specialists in Riddlesdown, and are obtainable 24/7 to help you at the roadside.

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Wrong Fuel Croydon Postcode - Riddlesdown Misfuelling

A fairly alarmed motorist phoned us from the BP filling station at Croydon to advise us that he put unleaded into his diesel winter grey Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class; he wasn't quite sure how he'd done it. We said to him it was no problem and rapidly had our man with him to clean the wrong fuel from his car. Having taken out the incorrect fuel, he was soon back rolling again. He told us; "I am truly surprised I put the wrong fuel in my car. And the person who arrived to carry out the fuel drain was incredibly fantastic - he didn't make me feel silly."

Misfuelling your car can be very expensive to resolve, WHEN you leave it in there a long time. However, because we have a team who take care of all of Croydon, we are able to reach you fast, irrespective of what time of day it is. We've helped many individuals exactly like yourself, who have put the wrong fuel in their diesel motor or the alternative way around, and each one of our clients will agree that our product is the best hands down. Call us now and have us care for your misfuelling dilemma .

All of our engineers are competent on the newest automobiles and their fuel systems. We do more than 4,000 contaminated fuel removals on an annual basis in the UK (indeed, there are that many customers who err - you aren't on your own). Our lines are open twenty four hours a day and every day of the week. Our technicians are on-call at any time when you require them.

Wrong Fuel Assist Riddlesdown - Wrong Fuel in Car Riddlesdown

A gentleman had broken down near a street in Riddlesdown. His precious Volkswagen Beetle car had ceased running and he had no clue what was wrong till he realised he had put the wrong fuel in his diesel vehicle. He called us to get a fuel drain and that's when he informed us: "I can't believe that I did not comprehend that I had put the wrong fuel in my vehicle." He stated that he had gotten absolutely no sleep the evening before and that could have been precisely why.

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Wrong Fuel Riddlesdown - Petrol in Diesel Car Riddlesdown

We completed a wrong fuel removal exercise outside a lovely residence in Riddlesdown recently. "I put petrol in my diesel car and managed to more or less reach home when my car quit." Our technician went out, regardless that it was pretty late at night, and completed a fuel drain and purge on the metallic yellow BMW 600 .

Wrong Fuel Doctor Riddlesdown - Fuel Rescue Riddlesdown

A motorist who had put unleaded in his diesel clean BMW 550 called us for a fuel drain at the Tesco filling station in Riddlesdown. He had decided to fill up before continuing on to the nearby holiday park but had put the wrong fuel in his car. "I put petrol rather than diesel which unfortunately wasn't a good way to start to our vacation." It was certainly no challenge in any way for our technician to go along and do the fuel drain. We hope the family enjoyed their vacation.

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