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Have you put petrol in a diesel car or truck, or diesel in your petrol car ( amazingly a large number of individuals do this at least once at some point) - we take care of it right away. Wrong Fuel SoS' seasoned fuel drainers are available 24 hours a day. Simply call our emergency number and they will come , flush the wrong fuel and get you rapidly back on the road.

It was just after 6 pm on a Saturday and although we were promised a dry day, it hadn't stopped pouring! James and me were resting there commenting on the weekend's tennis rankings, at the ready for the sixth fuel drain for the day to come in. Inevitably we had a phone call from a lady on a company trip who had arrived at the Texaco filling garage in Surbiton and filled the wrong fuel in a diesel old Suzuki Kizashi lease car by mistake. She was very agitated by the sounds of it, crying "I still cannot believe that I have destroyed the vehicle! I am just so familiar with filling my petrol car I completely didn't remember I was running a diesel!" I just asked her to settle back and not to worry, and that such things sadly often happen. She had managed to get the vehicle to a safe area and, seeing that it was only a few miles from the office, we could arrive at her almost instantly. The incorrect fuel was removed so she was able to once again go back to the motel she was residing at. Despite the fact we got really drenched, it was all worthwhile to see her drive away calm and less concerned. Yet another misfuel correction in Kingston upon Thames well done in my books!

Did you put incorrect fuel in the motor in error in Surbiton? The first thing is not to panic! Second of all, you will want to get in touch with us so we can help you in the extraction. We are SPA qualified, and provides national coverage for anyone who has inadvertently misfuelled.

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Wrong Fuel Kingston upon Thames Postcode - Surbiton Misfuelling

A rather concerned customer called us from the Esso petrol station at Kingston upon Thames to tell us that he put petrol in to his diesel dirty red Skoda; he wasn't quite sure how he'd done it. We advised him it was not a worry and soon had our technician with him to clean the wrong fuel from his tank. Having purged the incorrect fuel, he was swiftly back on the road. He told us; "I can't believe I put the wrong fuel in my car. And the chap who came out to do the fuel drain was especially fantastic - he did not make me seem ridiculous."

And also, our workforce of wrong fuel professionals cover the entirity of Kingston upon Thames, which means that your position is inside our area. When we've established exactly where you are located, we will endeavour to arrive at your location as fast as we are able to and drain any incorrect fuel from your car. The simple truth is the quicker you remove all that contaminated fuel from your engine, the less damage is inflicted. Consequently pick up the phone and call our number. A team of SPA skilled technicians are prepared and waiting to help, regardless of the day or hour it is.

No matter if your automobile is brand-new or antique, we have got the competencies, know-how AND tools to be sure that your vehicle is cleared out and purged of all the wrong fuel as fast as possible, which means you have the ability to proceed with your passage with minimum interruption.

Therefore, in the event that you have filled your petrol vehicle with diesel, or put the wrong fuel in your diesel car just about anywhere in Kingston upon Thames, speak to us right now. Our qualified mechanics are completely ready for your call.

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Last monday a gentleman called us just after his son's Cadillac Catera died in the middle of a street in Surbiton. He had by mistake put petrol in his diesel car and drove so far as the road before having to pull up. It was early in the morning and our fuel drainer, who lives nearby, got to him in about a quarter hour. We managed to get rid of the wrong fuel and put fresh diesel back in to the car. "Genuine kudos to you for your prompt response, especially at 5 a.m., I appreciate it."

All of our technicians are skilled on the most up-to-date vehicles and their fuel systems. We participate in in excess of 5,000 fuel drains annually in the UK (you bet, there are that many people who do the same thing - you are definitely not on your own). Our call centres are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our technicians are on-call anytime you require them.

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A teen who had only passed his test had wrong fuelled his spotless BMW 7 Series by having petrol in the diesel car at the service station in Surbiton. He said, "This is just the third time I have put fuel in my car from the time when I bought it and I don't know what to do." He was scared because his dad had only just paid for the car. He found us on the internet and so called us immediately, frightened about what he ought to do. Our man on the call explained to him that we could be on scene in forty five minutes and to not touch his vehicle while he waited. We finished the fuel drain on his vehicle and he stated how amazed he was that it was addressed so swiftly and no complication .

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This was most definitely the graveyard shift. It was about dawn and noone was around. It had been fairly quiet up to now, and Brian and I were loafing around looking through a couple of old articles. That was an unusual quiet hour in Kingston upon Thames. Actually it was that tranquil that when the phone eventually rang it made me jump! The motorist explained: "I have concluded my night shift and incredibly poured petrol in a dilapidated Smart Forfour". I instructed him to let us know where the car was and we left, getting to him in Surbiton an hour later. The wrong fuel was cleaned from the vehicle. He thanked us for showing up so promptly. While we were going back to base we spotted two young women on the side of the highway who appeared to have a puncture. So we got out to change it, to their elation.

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