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It was close to five pm on a Friday and even though we were assured a dry and fresh night, it hadn't stopped raining! Paul and I were relaxing going over the rugby results, ready for the sixth call to arrive. In due time we had a phone call from a lady on a company expedition who had pulled into the Esso petrol station in Tokyngton and filled the wrong fuel in a diesel expensive Audi A3 hire car by mistake. The unfortunate thing was somewhat troubled by the sounds of it, crying "I still cannot believe I have messed up the car! I am so used to filling up my petrol vehicle I had did not remember that I was operating a diesel!" I just asked her to calm down and not to be concerned, plus that things like this sadly happen. She was able to relocate the vehicle into a secure space and, as it was no more than a few minutes away from our van, we were able to arrive at the customer right away. The contaminated fuel was removed and she was able to get back to the motel she was lodging in. Despite the fact that we got pretty soaked, it was all worth the effort seeing her drive away relaxed and not so stressed. Yet another fuel drain in Brent done well in my books!

Have you put incorrect fuel in a motor by mistake in Tokyngton? The primary thing is not to panic! Next, you ought to get in touch with us so we can assist you with the retrieval. We are SPA accredited, and provides countrywide cover for anyone who has accidentally misfuelled.

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The driver of a dark red Land Rover Range Rover Sport was regretfull that he put unleaded in his diesel car when he got as far as the road and it spluttered and ground to a halt. "I've gone and put the wrong fuel in my diesel vehicle," is what he told us the initial time he called. To be honest, when he first telephoned us he said he would like to research prices, but he phoned us back soon enough because our pricing and arrival times were the best. Needless to say, our fuel drainer had him carrying out his deliveries within the time period we had quoted.

We are properly licenced and insured and so you understand that your automobile is in dependable hands. We have the capacity to fix all automobile kinds without regard to whether they have been run on the incorrect fuel or just misfueled.

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A customer phoned us from his house on a close in Tokyngton. He pronounced, "My car (a work's Dodge Sprinter) is not starting up and is making dreadful noises when I turn the key." He admitted that he had put petrol in his diesel car but then imagined he would resolve the problem by putting further Diesel on top. We were on scene quickly, did the fuel drain and filled it up once more with fresh Diesel. He said that he would be certain to inform people not to fill up on top of the wrong fuel but to get it cleaned out promptly.

No matter whether you happen to be in a brand spanking new vehicle or an old style, we have the gear along with experience to fix the dilemma right there. We clean out the incorrect fuel, take care of any troubles caused by the misfueling, and get you moving.

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Some of the common facts we see from many of our employees in Tokyngton:

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A youngster who had recently got his licence had wrong fuelled his rust red BMW 325 by putting unleaded in his diesel vehicle at the service station close to Tokyngton. He said, "This is only the second occasion I have fuelled my car since I paid for it and I have no clue of what to do." He was afraid because his father had just recently paid for the car. He discovered us on the web and so called us right away, afraid about what he needed to do. Our guy on the telephones explained to him that we would be on scene within 45 minutes and to not touch the car while waiting. We performed the fuel drain on his vehicle and he stated how impressed he was that it was taken care of so swiftly and with not much problem whatsoever.

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A lady living in Tokyngton called us after she managed to get her wrong fuelled car to her office. She had put petrol in her diesel sky blue VW Golf III and, like plenty prior to her, imagined that she would be able to basically fill her car with diesel and it would be okay. The engine was chugging and then it stopped when she reached the the front of her office. We soon went to work on the fuel drain following her call and had it fixed in one hour whilst she was in the office. She came outside when we finished and thanked us stating, "I'm very happy you repaired my vehicle."

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